For the EU—The Iceberg Cometh

The EU Titanic

I love this guy.  Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party and Member of the EU parliament, is one of the saner European politicians who has the intellectual capacity to grasp the absolute idiocy of the bail-out ballyhoo of this failed progressive paradise.

I’m sure the endless dramatic death throes of the European bureaucratic behemoth will keep us captivated for some time to come.  Certainly, this save-the-Euro soap opera has given Mr. Farage a second career as a funny stand-up political pundit, and has given us Americans an entertainingly enlightened look at the failed political daydreams of modern-day European socialism.

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2 Responses to For the EU—The Iceberg Cometh

  1. I noticed a few in the room didn’t like his common sense, but then socialists aren’t big on common sense anyway. On a related note, Germany wants Canada to send billions to help the euro bailout. Our Prime Minister told them to forget it. Now Germany’s miffed at Canada. Too bad. The way I see it, my country gave more than enough help to Europe last century, as did the U.S. Many good people died bailing them out. Twice. Enough is enough.

    • Great observation, Terry. Us very inferior colonials have sacrificed enough for the European elite who can never seem to manage their affairs without needing to be saved by us bitter clingers across the pond.

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