Are Asian Americans the New Jews?

Are Asian Americans routinely discriminated against in college admissions?  The latest research is showing that, yes indeed, Asian Americas are getting the shaft when it comes to getting their collective foot into the college classroom door.  And why would that be?

Simply put, Asian Americans out-perform all other racial and ethnic groups when it comes to academic performance and SAT scores.  And in many university settings dominated by a demented diversity dogma, members of this minority group are considered high achieving SAT pariahs. College admissions officers apparently believe there can be way too much of an outstanding good thing.

Today, if you’re born of Asian descent in America, you must scholastically stand head and shoulders above everyone else in order to secure a place at the university table.  In the kind of kinky college campus environment that would have the audacity to proclaim that a white-on-white White woman qualifies as a Native American, can we be shocked to discover that academically excellent Asians are persona non grata at the halls of higher education?

Here are some staggering stats that show just how high they’ve raised the entrance bar for these folks:

  • Asian applicants accepted to the University of Michigan in 2005 had a median SAT score that was 50 points higher than the median score of White students who were accepted, 140 points higher than that of Hispanics and 240 points higher than that of Blacks.

  • Among applicants with a 1240 SAT score and a 3.2 grade point average in 2005, the University of Michigan admitted 10 % of Asian Americans, 14% of Whites, 88% of Hispanics and 92% of Blacks.

So it seems to be Come On Down! for most of the academically mediocre Hispanic and Black applicants but Hit the Road! for the better qualified Asian and White kids.  Ah yes, the best and the brightest….helps one to really understand the true value of so many of those sheepskins that are getting handed out on graduation day.

But let’s hope that this ‘affirmative action’ unfair farce is headed for a fall.

The times may be a changin’, though. This fall, the Supreme Court will hear a case brought by a white student who says she was denied admission to the University of Texas on account of her Caucasian background. Consequently, racial preferences in college admissions could be banned altogether—a real possibility, given the Court’s relatively conservative bent.

But until then, Asian applicants may continue to have to leap a higher bar than others. Unsurprisingly, the Associated Press reported late last year that increasing numbers of Asian applicants are neglecting to identify themselves as such—students of mixed descent, for example, fail to mention their Asian heritage at all, checking the box for “Caucasian” and leaving “Asian” blank.   Weekly Standard

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5 Responses to Are Asian Americans the New Jews?

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    It really is amazing how truly dumb young people are. Students at one middle school nearby all marched out because the principal decided that there were too many distractions when students wore hooded sweatshirts (I hate the term “hoody”) and banned them. Sneaky boys and girls (I mean guys) would hide in the muff, cell phones for texting and test answers.

    This is what kids fight for in this America today; the right to wear a “hoody”. And for the right to wear their jeans down around their knees so that they have to change their gait in order to keep them from falling off. Just plain dumb.

    You’d think they would fight for a better education, but they don’t’ want one because they just know the government will take care of them.

    I have no college degree, but a few stints in college, but I am trying to figure out the difference between the housing bubble, when so many people were lured into loans for no collateral and made to think the American Dream was having a house, until they were in over their heads and the house was not worth the loan and trying to make everyone believe (more luring) they need a college degree and putting young people into debt from the start of their adult lives. How is this different?

  2. wisebeyond says:

    Amen sister! I was recently employed by a union, while I did my job as expected I had to block out the noise from netflix playing a few desks away. Oh and there was snoring. On the rare chance they were awake and not watching movies I was ‘taught’ why the Left was so smart having politicians give the unions whatever they could, how it was up to us to help the enviroment (as they placed their bottles and cans in their little recycle bags. (I drank water from a glass filtered from the fridge… didn’t need to recycle… lil-snot-nosed-bs-fed-why-did-we-ever-stop-spanking brats! I did a little math … without having the exact amount of weekly union dues the folks in WI , I used a figure I thought was a starting point… just under $20.00 a week … if you take the workers who opted out of the union… it comes in around $656,000 a week (give or take a few thousand) that the union bosses can no longer count on… around 34 million a year… FROM ONE UNION IN ONE STATE. So where is all that money???? Where it should be… in the pockets of the hard working Americans that can hold down a job without any help. That is over $4,100 per worker per year. I was laid off with the others when the contract ended….and NEVER so happy!

  3. wisebeyond says:

    I suppose the ‘educated’ young will never really know how ignorant they truely are. I am hoping for the day when job criteria reads “college graduates need not apply”. Has anybody over the age of 40 walked away from a conversation with a recent college grad and did not want to laugh out loud because if you would cry, you may not be able to stop? I want to be a fly on the wall the day they discover that they are paying for me… years later… and THEY actually voted to do just that… willingly! Next…

    • College degrees are a dime a dozen—why would any employer today think they’re getting someone who is intellectually polished due to that piece of overpriced paper. Most grads are total ignoramuses. Example: a colleague at work (in her late 20s), a college graduate, had no idea who Harry Truman was, never heard of D-Day, and thought the Constitution was written by Abraham Lincoln. God help us.

      I’ve got my little degrees and paid through the nose for them–looking back, I’d never do it again. My best education has come from my own eclectic reading and the exploring of topics and themes of interest to me. Give me a self-educated man or women any day.

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