What Does a Community Organizer Do?

Community Organizer is prominently featured on Barack Obama’s curriculum vitae as a key qualification for the position he currently holds.  This innocuous sounding job title conjures up images of dedicated selfless souls trekking along those mean inner city streets helping poor folks learn to help themselves–organizing neighborhood watches, organizing anti-drug initiatives, organizing youth recreational opportunities, organizing job training programs, etc.  But we would all be so very incorrect in our assumptions about the actual work and supposed good intentions of the community organizing Joe and Jane.

Historian, Victor Davis Hanson, offers a much more accurate description of the community organizing agenda of the not-so-selfless progressive soldiers toiling away in their field of dreams.  Think ACORN.

What does a Community Organizer Do?

I think we now know the answer after four years of them/us divisiveness: In lieu of trying to find common solutions to shared problems in a fashion that suppresses innate differences, the community organizer seeks to find potential seams of friction and animosity, and then mine and exploit them for political gain– the ultimate aim being to forge together a near majority by piling faction upon faction to obtain compensatory damages for perceived grievances.

Obama’s brand of community organizing and dissection assumes some constants:

Each group must be defined as mostly a Single-Issue Constituency—Latinos must focus on Open Borders rather than Hispanic unemployment rates; Gay Marriage is central to Homosexuals, not worry over the deficit; African-Americans must remain gratified by Obama’s landmark achievement and not depressed by soaring Black unemployment and inner-city economic stagnation; Greens must see all of the above agendas not in conflict with their cap-and-trade or shutting down Keystone; Women must put first loyalty to their gender and not worry over their husband’s current job or their sons’ employment, etc.   Victor Davis Hanson–National Review

Exactly what the ACORN-in-Chief has been doing since he took office in 2009.  Identifying frictions, exploiting animosity, mining them for all they’re worth.  And if any individual member of any particular faction dares to climb out of that sheep pen the Democrats have herded us into, the Jekyll and Hyde persona of the progressive Good Shepherd dramatically swings into schizophrenic hate mode.

Every Woman, every Black, every Latino, every Lesbian, every Gay Man, who dares to defy the Democrat identity script by refusing to bleat for the progressive elites helps to sabotage their socialist sheep-herding agenda.

News Flash: THEY DON’T OWN US!  Though they sure as hell act like they do.  But the Left doesn’t get to define our values, our beliefs, or our very identities to suit their myopic political purposes.

So come along, fellow and sister faction-fillers—time to stick your fingers right in that Progressive Evil Eye.  For we are the saboteurs of the Democrat’s ghetto gulag.  We are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  The conservative revolution is on!

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12 Responses to What Does a Community Organizer Do?

  1. wisebeyond says:

    “Great to have another ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ onboard!”

    You are so very welcome! Thank you for having a place where we are able to have an opinion without an argument! A place where we walk away knowing a little more.

    Did you hear that Planned Parenthood has set up shop in a high school in California? ( PP should be called… So YOU Didn’t Plan But WE DID Now That Will Be $500.00! How much do they get per “punishment” ???)

    • Yep, in California a kid can get birth control and an abortion without good old Mom or Dad knowing a thing—the school bureaucrats will take good care of your little girl. Frightening.

      I also read that the bitch running Planned Parenthood is very concerned about a Romney win in November. Let’s do everything we can to make her worse nightmare come true.

      • wisebeyond says:

        In the long run… Romney will turn out to be the least of her worries. Babies For Profit! If it is okay to take a life (if it isn’t a baby then you are not pregnant) and every one is ‘cool with it’ why do they hide behind Pro Choice…? It is Pro Abortion… repeat after me… Pro Abortion!

      • Mary Posey says:

        Don’t get me started 🙂 This just makes me ill!

  2. Artie Galvin says:

    I love this blog. There is only one problem. We are preaching to the choir here. As a musician and as a gay man most of my friends are libs. For the most part we don’t discuss anything of relevance other than music. I don’t “get” them and they certainly don’t “get” me. Whenever I can ,I repost your articles on my facebook page. Well, you can just imagine the rancorous response that I get. I posted an article about “Sharia” and the discussion went on for 3 weeks with hundreds of postings accusing me of fear mongering and racism ( this is ignorance since islam is not a race). I wish that your blog had a broader following. I recommend it to a number of my “on the fence” people in the hope that they’ll take a look and maybe they do but just don’t acknowledge it. Some of my conservative facebook postings don’t get any response at all but I find out later when I see a friend face to face that they did read it and found something interesting. We have to make our voice heard over the cacophony of radical and destructive libs. It’s funny though, my lib friends are good people and I believe they really do want good things for other people but they are so brainwashed by the word “Conservative”. The WORD WAR does a disservice to all of us.

    • Artie, I wouldn’t discount your facebook postings based on no response. Many folks, especially those who might be of like mind or on the fence are averse to social media discussions on political topics and prefer to stay under the radar screen. I get the same kind of response here–folks check out the blog a couple times a week and move on without commenting. Based on some of the private emails I’ve been sent, there are certainly liberal men and women who check out TLC and despite the hate mail, these same folks come back again and again.

      I’ve just started getting more active on Twitter as opposed to facebook. The best way to get noticed there is through the hashtags. I’ve started tweeting my posts as well as my own personal comments to both conservative and liberal/gay forums. One of my goals is to let the conservative world at large know there are Right of center gays/lesbians out here. I guess my focus has been more on them as opposed to liberals or gays/lesbians. Although I’m now making a point of pushing my tweets to LGBT forums on Twitter when appropriate.

      I think that each facebook post or twitter tweet reverberates outward to the world at large and they do make a difference. So pat yourself on the back–you are doing your bit and then some.

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  4. wisebeyond says:

    Did I just write that??? Or are you reading my mind!? GREAT Article… worth a reread weekly! I steped out of the herd long ago… what had to happen for that step… was… I had to look at what was actually happening around the country. I had to start reading EVERYTHING… what was common sense jumped out of the pages and rested COMFORTABLY in my head and heart. I was no longer able to see the Left as they clamed to be! What they WERE was so very loud in my head. I not only had to distance myself from them, I had to speak of their double standard, their lies, especially the gays and their myopic views and yes their love and compassion that rested on the fence … tipping depending FIRST on your non-questioning-just-be-one-of-us-put-these-blinders-on… then SECOND dismiss your family if they don’t embrace you. God WILL help you way before these folks will… Your family WILL love you no matter what, they don’t have to understand to love you… you don’t have to be one-of-them to have their love. The more we learn about this administration the deeper the gays have to put their head in the sand… pretty soon all we will be able to see are their… nevermind.

    • A wonderful summary. My own social and political awakening experience was very similar to yours. And you are absolutely correct about the phony acceptance from the gay community and what price they exact for it.

      ‘God will help you way before these folks will’. Indeed! The diversity divas can’t seem to cope with anyone who isn’t a complete and utter clone of themselves. And they certainly have their heads in the sand about Obama—but many of them live and breathe within the gay ghetto with their identities wrapped up in their private parts.

      Great to have another ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ onboard!

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