Gay Marriage in Washington State Stalls

The new gay marriage law in the state of Washington is being challenged by opponents. Representatives of Preserve Marriage Washington gathered over 200,000 signatures to force the gay marriage issue into a state-wide referendum.

“By the end of the day, we’re going to have upwards of 240,000 signatures, which is double the minimum requirement of eligible signatures and, we believe, that largest number of signatures ever delivered in a referendum in Washington State,” said Joseph Backholm, the Chairman of Preserve Marriage Washington. Mr. Backholm added that because the civil union law was not being challenged, the new debate over marriage would not be about taking away or preserving legal protections.  Instead, he said, Washington voters would decide a finer distinction for only marriage itself and could thus vote to repeal the new law without feeling that legal harm was being done to anyone.   New York Times

Once again, those pushing gay marriage in the state are citing polls that purport to show that well over 50% of the citizens of Washington support the redefinition of marriage to include homosexuals.  Well, Washington is supposedly a very liberal state that currently has a domestic partnership law that has been ratified by the general public, so it would seem on the face of it that the polls are on target.  Time will tell though.

Overall, I think the gay marriage battle will go the same way as the abortion struggle—there will be an ebb and flow over time of fluctuating feelings and shifting opinions that will make any so-called gay marriage victory a tentative win at best.

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5 Responses to Gay Marriage in Washington State Stalls

  1. very opinionated says:

    This is getting rediculous! Stop the nonsense already. Why worry about getting married? Wait until the economy gets better and all that. And yes, i do agree with you Perry.. the B’s and T’s need to get of our bus.. i really can’t stand bisexuals and trannies!

  2. wisebeyond says:

    The gays are coming… The gays are coming!!! Will they ever move on to an important issue (notice I said ‘they’… I would like to distance my lesbian self from their numbers). How about student loans? How about a public spanking of the Universities like the Banks had to take when it was thought they were ‘taking too much’? HEY GAYS… who cares about your drama??? Now be a good gay and get to the bar to find your next bride (that actually is a word that fits the L and the G oh my the B and T as well.

    • Self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and of course so so oppressed. The ghetto mentality.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      Yeah, who cares about your drama?
      Guess what else is coming…gay divorce. That will rake in a few zillion for the lawyers. I’m sure they are smiling.

      I wish the Bs and Ts would get off our bus.

      • Yep, it’s gona be so entertaining…since the average lesbian relationship lasts about 2 years and all the cheating that goes on, yep, it’s gona be real fun—a little alimony to go along with the divorce. And I wonder if those who don’t get married but live together will now be considered common law partners? It would certainly give lesbians a legal footing in suing for support/alimony from an ex and to perhaps make a claim to property owed by an ex in states like California. Palimony anyone?

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