Wisconsin Wins—And We’ve Only Just Begun!

Wisconsin Wins!

Hanging tough!
Breaking the political stranglehold of public unions
Cutting the purse strings of the Democrat Party
Defeating Democrat-induced voter fraud

We’ve Only Just Begun!

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12 Responses to Wisconsin Wins—And We’ve Only Just Begun!

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    This has nothing to do with the election in Wisconsin, but when I was about 13, in the late ’50s, someone gave me a forest green sweat shirt with that badger on it. Where can I find another one?

    Oh, yes, congratulations, Governor Walker! We’ve only just begun!

  2. Mary Posey says:

    Oh yes, Oh yes, doing the happy dance out here in the liberal land of California! I am praying that the union reform passes in San Jose! Still Dancing 🙂

  3. Ceeto says:

    Everyone EXHALE!!!! We are taking Baby Steps!! Now let us CAREFULLY concentrate and focus on the next step towards VICTORY!!! MITT get your game on!!!

    • And they kept telling us that it would be close, and it’s turning into a blowout landslide for Walker. What a fantastic night!

      Yep, one step at a time with a focused, flexible, but fierce battle plan. GO MITT!!!!!

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