Does Axelrod Remind You of Mr. Whipple?

Laura Ingraham, conservative Talk Radio host, often refers to David Axelrod, the Communications Director for Obama’s reelection campaign, as Mr. Whipple, that TV commercial character notorious for telling grocery store customers not to squeeze the Charmin.

Add a pair of spectacles to the Axe Man as well as some additional years of an ever-thinning head of hair and yep, you could definitely see a family resemblance here.

But does the similarity end there?  Have to say, that Herr Axelrod always struck me as a man who had a secret penchant for squeezing mooshy roles of toilet tissue behind locked bathroom doors.  Hmmm.

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3 Responses to Does Axelrod Remind You of Mr. Whipple?

  1. erins1911 says:

    That, or a weasel.

  2. That’s it! It’s been bothering me forever!

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