Michael Vick Backlash at Nevada Car Dealership

It seems that many folks out in the state of Nevada were not too pleased to discover that Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback and convicted dog-killing felon, was scheduled to make a guest appearance at Findlay Toyota in the town of Henderson.

Findlay Toyota’s Facebook page exploded with angry responses from the local community and potential customers on Friday when the dealership announced Vick’s appearance.  Some of the more vociferous comments included threats of boycotts against the dealership and assault and battery against Vick himself.

Commenters on Findlay Toyota’s Facebook page called Vick a “dog killer” and threatened to beat him up. Others posted that they planned to boycott the car dealership for sponsoring Vick for promotional and charity events, including a May 29 youth football clinic at the Henderson International School.

In response, the dealership began deleting comments and ultimately shut down the page Friday night.  Las Vegas Sun

Although some people came to Vick’s defense, proclaiming that the poor guy had served his time and paid for his ‘mistakes’, others took a very different tack.

To Findlay Toyota, we were supposed to come in tomorrow to haggle on the final price of our new Sequoia but we will no longer be making that appointment.  I will call you in the morning to confirm we are no longer interested in dealing with your organization.


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2 Responses to Michael Vick Backlash at Nevada Car Dealership

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Oh, oh! My bane. “What was once a golden calf is now a golden retriever.”

    There was an episode of Star Trek in 1967 titled, “The Trouble with Tribbles”, which reminds me of the affect dogs have on the general public. It amazes me is that most people seeing a dog behave as though they’ve never seen one.

    Colorado is the number one state for dog dumping when there is a disaster somewhere else in the world. People should only be treated as well as dogs.

    Our countries’ abortion clinics kill thousands of babies daily but the pregnant, stray pit-bull two doors down was allowed to have 11 puppies because they’re “so cute”.

    Professional athletes have beaten and raped women (think OJ before he killed Nichole) but businesses like Hertz will still pay them millions because women aren’t nearly as precious as dogs.

    The workers in the grocery store near me aren’t allowed to say anything to dog owners who bring their dogs into the store even though it’s against the law for any dog other than a service dog; and a dog riding in a dog stroller isn’t a service dog. Dogs march around that place likes it’s PetSmart.

    When there is a dog cruelty case mentioned in the newspaper, letter writers want to actually kill the cruel person in unimaginable ways. I’m not a cruel person and don’t think highly of those who are, but this is way beyond animal loving.

    Dog fighting is probably so ingrained in Michael Vick, he had no idea it was unacceptable; just like killing babies. So many people think it’s just perfectly fine.

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