From Deficit to Surplus—Scott Walker Has Kicked Butt

From Deficit to Surplus
And No One Lost Their Job

Yet Scott Walker has been attacked, harassed, and physically threatened for manning up to the unions and doing what had to be done.

Why would any public worker believe they have a God-given right to live better than the people who are paying their wages?  Unfortunately in America today, there are many such entitlement folks all collecting paychecks from Democrat-dominated public sector bureaucracies.

But come this Tuesday, in the very blue state of Wisconsin, the recall craziness for Governor Walker will finally run out of political steam.  Perhaps then the unionized citizens of Wisconsin will crawl down from their arrogant princely perches to join the common folk who humbly pay their wages.  For whether they like it or not, the public sector feeding frenzy in the state of Wisconsin is now officially OVER.

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