Bill Clinton Becomes the BAIN of Barack’s Existence

Bill Clinton Declares that Romney’s Record is ‘Sterling’

Obama’s campaign has shifted its message from attacking Bain’s handling of certain companies to talking broadly about how being in the private equity business doesn’t prepare one to be president. But Clinton’s comments appear to undermine both arguments.

He’s saying both that Romney’s business career is an asset, and that when it’s combined with his term as governor, there’s little doubt that he’s qualified to be president.

In the end, the result of the Obama campaign’s focus on Bain has been little-to-no traction in the polls and what has become a highlight reel of Democratic heavies praising both Bain and Romney’s business career.

One has to wonder how much longer it will continue.  Washington Post

Big Bad Bill just shot down the Bain refrain from the Obama campaign while giving Mitt Romney a happy high-five for success and competence in both the public and private sphere.  Oh dear.

Perhaps a little overdue payback for Obama’s down and dirty Democrat primary back in 2008?  I think some Hillary chickens are coming home to roost.

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3 Responses to Bill Clinton Becomes the BAIN of Barack’s Existence

  1. Clinton obviously has another motive, maybe Hillory in 2016?

  2. Paula says:

    Yeah, I always thought there would be an opportune moment in time for the payback. Yeah! Take THAT Obama boy!

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