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I Am America: Tea Party Anthem

Remember who you are. The Tide is Turning. Continue reading

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Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress

We made a little Holder history this afternoon with the House of Representatives voting 255 – 67 to hold the US Attorney General in contempt of Congress. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat’s Dragon Lady extraordinaire, herded about a hundred of her socialist sheep out through the House door in defiance of the vote. But that little grandstanding gesture didn’t change the outcome. In fact, 18 Democrats voted in favor of finding Holder in contempt. Continue reading

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Obamacare Upheld: Americans Now Socialist Serfs

As of June 28, 2012, all American citizens were transformed into socialist serfs compliments of the Supreme Court of the United States. When the federal aristocracy is given the go ahead to use its power to tax as a manipulative mandate to force citizens to buy healthcare services or any other product, then our republic has effectively been hammered-and-sickled into a socialist state. Continue reading

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The Rainbow Oreo aka The Pander Cookie

Oh joy, oh rapture! The Rainbow Oreo has arrived just in time for gay pride month. Apparently, the folks at Kraft Foods must think there is gold in them thar queers. So under the pretext of celebrating diversity and inclusiveness they are running ads that supposedly reflect the corporation’s caring commitment to gay love. Barf! Continue reading

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Brinkin Email Address Linked to Child Porn Website

A follow-up to the Larry Brinkin story, the great gay hero from San Francisco who was arrested for possession of child pornography……According to the San Francisco Police Department, Brinkin used the email address: If you Google this address and do a little searching, you’ll find that the owner of this email account liked to cruise an internet child porn site called Loliwood which specializes in sexual fantasy stories involving children and babies. Continue reading

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Gay Icon Arrested for Child Porn Depicting the Rape of Babies

Larry Brinkin, a big name in the gay community in that progressive enclave known as San Francisco, has been arrested for child pornography. Since the 1970s, Mr. Brinkin has been very active in all the politically correct circles in the Bay area, making a name for himself with women’s rights, civil rights, anti-war demonstrations, and all that gay liberation political paraphernalia. Good old gay Larry, that well-known, well-loved crusader for THE PEOPLE, who until 2010 was a member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, has been carted away in handcuffs for possession of photographs depicting the sodomizing of children and babies. But it gets even worse…. Continue reading

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Catholic Church—Getting Force Fed Their Social Justice Agenda

Gee, I guess all that Social Justice pâté doesn’t taste very good when it’s rammed down your own ecclesiastical throat, does it now? The US Conference of Catholic Bishops have declared a Fortnight for Freedom in response to the Obama Administration’s abortion and birth control mandates. Better late than never, I suppose. Continue reading

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Prisoners Sing to Sandusky: Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!

Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State Defensive Coach and now convicted child molester and rapist, was serenaded by his fellow prisoners when he was first incarcerated back in December. His jailhouse buddies chose Pink Floyd’s The Wall for their night-time sing along. Continue reading

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Gay Gestapo, aka GLSEN, Bullies Rural Community

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is engaged in a hate campaign against a small rural community in Illinois. GLSEN, a gay indoctrination outreach non-profit headquartered out of New York, is richly funded by big corporate donors such as PepsiCo. It aggressively pushes a sexualized gay and transgender awareness program at harried school boards across the country, a program that includes materials aimed at pre-kindergarden kids. GLSEN is a highly politicized Left-leaning identify group linked to the National Education Association (teachers’ union) that seeks to use America’s public school systems to shove their distorted and fringe-freaking agenda at other people’s children. Continue reading

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Forget Where’s Waldo, Where’s Fast and Furious?

Featured on the front page at YouTube on Saturday was Philip DeFranco’s latest political and current events video. With close to 500,000 views in just 24-hours, DeFranco’s most recent effort features the Fast and Furious escapade in a 3-minute segment on this 10-minute clip. He gives a fair summary of the story line as well as an equally fair evaluation of its political consequences for Obama. Note that DeFranco states he just heard about the scandal and that the liberal blogs were not covering the story in-depth. Continue reading

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Justin Bieber, Wuss Boy

Bieber Wuss Boy Parody Continue reading

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Penn State’s Sandusky Guilty on 45 Counts

Finally, some justice for all the boys that this despicable pervert molested and raped. As I write this post, the prosecution team is addressing reporters and the curious crowds that gathered to hear the verdict. Pennsylvania Attorney General, Linda Kelly, was applauded as she approached the microphones. Continue reading

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Germany Crushes Greece as Merkel Goes Mad

The Greek fans were looking to kick the Germans into the play pitch in a fit of angry payback for the austerity strings attached to the great big bailouts given to them by their more disciplined and financially feasible neighbor to the north. But instead of feasting on the fruits of sweet revenge, these less than Spartan sport fanatics were forced once again to eat Germanic humble pie. Continue reading

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Obama’s Gift Registry—Forget the Wedding Gifts, Give Cash to Barack’s Reelection Fund

Nothing says tacky like receiving an I donated to the Obama Campaign in Your Name gift card on your wedding day. In lieu of a real present especially chosen for you and your spouse, Obama wants you to opt instead to have your friends and relatives give cash to his strapped reelection coffers. Continue reading

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Executive Privilege and the Obama-Nixon Transformation

Soon You Won’t Have Barry O. Nixon to Kick Around Anymore! Continue reading

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Eric Holder in Contempt

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted 23 – 17 in finding Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for withholding crucial documents in the Fast and Furious gun running investigation. Now will the Democrat media bother to mention this little gun control caper that has taken the lives of hundreds of people? Continue reading

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Romney Outwits Rendell

Mitt Romney and his campaign entourage cruised through the Philly suburbs over the weekend. On Saturday, their tour bus was scheduled to stop at a local Wawa, a popular convenience store chain in our area, where Mitt would be on tap to order a sandwich and give a short speech. Well, laying in wait for the Romney team were the not so wily Democrats, led by Mister Ed Rendell, who thought they would get their big chance to disrupt the Republicans’ ride through this so-called Blue State of ours. But things didn’t quite turn out the way Fast Eddie and his Democrat pals thought they would. Continue reading

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Adidas Creates Shackle Shoes

Apparently, Adidas believes they can best prepare young black men and women for their capable careers by fitting them all with shackle shoes. This corporate giant must feel that their fancy footwear is a perfect fit for every well-dressed future felon. Sort of gives new meaning to that old racist expression, Shuffle Along. Continue reading

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Dad Has His Day

Dad’s Revenge Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

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Madonna: The Menopausal Material Girl

A nipple flash here, a bare butt there, and a sweaty hand slid down her pants to mock a masturbation motif. Ah yes, the old bump-and-grind routine that used to be exclusively reserved for seedy looking middle-aged men and over-eager adolescent boys and booked into a dirty darkened theater in a dangerous part of town, has long long ago made its cultural transition from X-rated porn to prime time entertainment. Continue reading

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Obama’s Dream Act: The Desperately Seeking Reelection Executive Latino Pandering Order

In solidarity with Obama’s glad-handing extension of American rights and privileges to all those undocumented Democrat voters taking up college classroom seats and competing for ever-diminishing job prospects in our economic market, let us pledge our fealty to politically correct chaos and open our hearts to hoards of uneducated, non-English speaking Mexicans crossing our borders illegally to gain a better life that only America can provide while disrespecting our country’s laws, mocking our traditions, and refusing to speak our language. All Rise! Continue reading

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In the Land of the Pharaohs, the Democracy That Never Was

Some interesting events in Egypt yesterday: the dissolution of the 4-month old Egyptian parliament, the imposition of martial law, and the transference of legislative power into the clenched fists of the Egyptian military whose leaders will now appoint a new 100-member assembly which will then author the country’s new constitution. Continue reading

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Romney’s Campaign Bus Blows By Obama

While the Bag of Never Ending Wind, aka Barack Obama, was preparing to deliver yet another big yawn of a teleprompted campaign speech in Cleveland, Ohio today, the Romney campaign bus did a few victory laps around the assembled Obama supporters honking its horn as the driver taunted the opposition. Continue reading

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For the EU—The Iceberg Cometh

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party and Member of the EU parliament, is one of the saner European politicians who has the intellectual capacity to grasp the absolute idiocy of the bail-out ballyhoo of this failed progressive paradise. Continue reading

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