Axelrod Heckled in Boston as Mitt Takes the Fight to Solyndra

This Ain’t Your McCain Campaign!

Welcome to the Real World of Business, Mr. Obama
This Fight is So ON!

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5 Responses to Axelrod Heckled in Boston as Mitt Takes the Fight to Solyndra

  1. Mary Posey says:

    Nice job from Romney! I am loving this approach. That Solyndra building is just across the bay from us and every time I drive by it just make me more pissed off. Did you know that the solar panels that were still there when they closed were just destroyed? It was cheaper to do that than try to sell them. Some union got paid a lot of money to trash them. Steve Spinner, who is the bundler at the center of pushing the deal through is on my triathlon team. I am truly not sure what I would say to him if he shows up at a workout.

    I also love seeing the smug, creepy Axelrod loosing his cool. What a total creep.

    • Thanks for that interesting bit of information, Mary. That whole Solyndra caper is a disgrace. Hopefully, someone will end up in jail, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      And yes, I just loved Axelrod’s comeback line of ‘You can’t handle the truth’. How absolutely lame!

  2. Damn, you’re quick on the draw today Jeanne. I just posted that.

  3. That was encouraging to watch. Axlerod is a serious creep. I really hope your country turf’s these guys. Four more years of I, me ,my, (obama), and I couldn’t begin to think what will happen to my next door neighbor and friends. Go Romney.

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