Obama 2008—We Hardly Knew Ya

The pom-poms are not in view.  The hysterical hype comes now only from a few.  The auditoriums fail to fill and the adoring fans are next to nil.  But let us take a backward gaze at the 2008 glory days.  Oh it was so easy then, when the only winning rule for this unqualified Socialist fool was simply being Black and cool.

Those Were the Days, My Friend

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3 Responses to Obama 2008—We Hardly Knew Ya

  1. Paula says:

    Very funny. Hey, you think he’s embarrassed at all? Heh heh, just kidding (not really).

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    THAT was excellent! Little Peggy March must be kicking up her heels at this rendition of her famous song. So-long, Barry!

    • Yep, the progressive tsunami has washed over us and the waters carrying all the wreckage have been receding ever since. Clean up time.

      And hope you’re having a good Memorial weekend, Perry.

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