Women Packing Heat—In India

Don’t be fooled by the colorful sarees and the feminine beads and bangles, for these Indian ladies mean business.  With a rise in the crime rate and an ever-increasing number of brutal attacks against women, more and more professional females in this land of exotic contrasts are turning to the great equalizer for protection.

We’re Not Taking This Any More

When Dr Harveen Kaur Sidhu travels from her home in an upmarket neighbourhood of the north-western Indian city of Chandigarh, she always slips her lightweight .22 revolver in her bag. The gun is a new purchase – Sidhu got her license only a year ago – but now the 33-year-old dentist won’t travel without it.

“I don’t have faith in the police to protect me. There are so many attacks on women these days. It’s everybody’s right to defend themselves. I think all women who are vulnerable should be carrying guns,” Sidhu said. She is not alone. A growing number of well-off, educated Indian women are turning to firearms for protection.

The trend is part of a broader growth of gun culture in the land once known for the non-violent principles of Mahatma Gandhi.  The Guardian

“The land once known for the non-violent principles of Mahatma Gandhi.

Leave it to The Guardian to deconstruct the cultural geopolitical complexities of India down to a nano-second of its amazing history in order to suit the white liberal boys’ agenda of never-ending progressive propaganda.  Talk about condescending colonialism!

News flash for the white boys of Britain: For centuries, India has tossed and heaved within the tumultuous mix of tribal, nationalistic, ethnic, and religious conflicts.  And it has done so long long before any imperialistic European ever set foot within its borders.

I know this doesn’t fit the cultural photo-op of the anti-gun liberal Left, but the Mahatma notwithstanding, India has been anything but passive and peaceful.  Sorry boys, but reality bites, doesn’t it?

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4 Responses to Women Packing Heat—In India

  1. erins1911 says:

    Competent, confident use of a firearm for self-protection – always good news.

    • Agreed. It’s empowering.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      This IS good news. AND no one has sold more guns in the United States than President Obama. 😀

      • Yeah, that is an interesting stat–gun ownership during his 3-year reign has really taken off.

        And although the Guardian just couldn’t bring itself to openly trash Third World women for turning to guns for their personal safety, the boys just had to take their little swipe with the Gandhi comment. I guess they would prefer women to get gang banged (a crime which is on the rise in India) than actually stand a chance of fending off their attackers. Another example of Left-wing men sacrificing women on their ideological altar.

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