Brett Kimberlin: From Speedway Bomber to Left-Wing Activist

Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day

Know the face of the enemy and know those who would succor him.  Meet Brett Kimberlin, aka, the Speedway Bomber.  This creep should be serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison, but instead he is running a Left-Wing non-profit called Justice Through Music. Total Barf!  Donors to his little piece of not-for-profit flummery have included Barbra Streisand, Teresa Heinz Kerry, and the Tides Foundation.

Who is Brett Kimberlin?

As this poster boy for violent progressivism came to the notice of conservative bloggers, along with his connections to down-and-dirty Democrat operatives, Kimberlin launched a vicious attack against those who dared to divulge his felonious past.  Stacy McCain (The Other McCain), Patterico, Aaron Worthing (Allergic to Bull), and Liberty Chick have found themselves under fire from Kimberlin and his Left-Wing goon squad.

You see, in his copious spare time, this convicted bomber also serves as a serial litigator, using our legal system and other intimidation tactics to harass, harangue and persecute his victims.  Just a couple of days ago, this scumbag terrorist contacted the employer of Stacy McCain’s wife and considering the bum’s bomb-making background, the McCain’s have temporarily moved their family to an unknown location.

Harassing family members; claiming that truthful criticism is “harassment”; taking complaints to a critic’s workplace . . . all of these tactics fit a pattern some of us have witnessed for months. Stacy is not the only one to suffer through this sort of treatment. He’s just the latest.

Kimberlin’s associates have asked for pictures of my wife; mentioned the names of Stacy’s children; outed a commenter of mine and made references to his family; made references to Aaron’s wife; and so forth. They love bringing family into these battles. Again, it’s part of a pattern.

This is what your “non-profit” money buys, donors!  Be proud!  Patterico

So in solidarity with those bloggers who are bearing the brunt of this criminal’s shut-em-up campaign, TLC joins other conservatives today in a Free Speech BlogBurst.

We won’t be silenced.  We won’t be intimidated.  And we won’t let a cockroach like Kimberlin win the day.

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