Pro-Choicers at an All-Time Low

Gallup released their latest poll today on the hot topic of abortion and the results of their survey don’t bode well for the devotees of the Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer approach to filicide in America.  Only 41% of those polled described themselves as Pro-Choice which is a record low for the Gallup Survey.  50% of the respondents labelled themselves as Pro-Life.

Since 2009, Americans have been closely divided in their identification with the labels most commonly used by each side of the abortion debate, although twice in that time period, including today, the percentage identifying as pro-life has been significantly higher than the pro-choice percentage. This represents a clear shift from 2001 to 2008, when Gallup most often found pro-choice adherents in the plurality.  Gallup

I think when push comes to shove, the majority of Americans will now identify as Pro-Life.  But I also think that many folks are uncomfortable with the either/or option presented by the great American abortion debate.  As the following chart from Gallup shows, most people believe abortion should be available to women under special circumstances.  Only 20% today believe abortion should be illegal under all circumstances and only 25% believe in the abortion-on-demand doctrine.

Clearly, the majority of Americans have for some time now been opposed to abortion-on-demand.  And the changes going on in state legislatures across the country are beginning to reflect that long-standing reality.

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2 Responses to Pro-Choicers at an All-Time Low

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Baby Boomers are coming home.

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