Germans Say No to Greek Vacations

When it comes to vacationing in Greece, it seems that the average German tourist is looking elsewhere for his fun in the sun.  Citizens living in the northern European country known for its hard work and thrift have decided that spending their well-earned Euros in the land of the layabouts is not the kind of relaxation investment they were looking for.   Gee, I wonder why?

This photo of Angela Merkel decked out in Nazi attire was plastered all over Greece back in February when the Germans were insisting on more austerity measures in order for the vainglorious Greeks to get their greedy hands on yet another German-backed bailout.  And needless to say, die Deutschen waren nicht erfreut.

Bookings of German tourists spending their summer holidays in Greece are down by 30%.  And total vacation bookings to this riot-racked nation are down 50% overall.  Not good news for a country in desperate need of instant cash.

So is there a moral to this financial fable?  Oh you bet, and it goes something like this: Beware of Germans bearing geld.  For he who controls your purse strings, controls you.

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