Bill Maher Speaks Truth to Female Power

Yep, Bill Maher has some interesting observations concerning the American male and the XY’s politicized place in our feminized estrogen-laden landscape of gender gerrymandering.  I’m actually in agreement with almost everything Maher says in this compilation of his male/female cultural commentary.

Making Women Nod

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5 Responses to Bill Maher Speaks Truth to Female Power

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    I think men can be blamed for a good portion of this “just going along”. That is, when the feminist movement began, it dawned on men that if they agreed with these women, they could have sex; lots of sex. Now that the majority of men are addicted to sex and they like that way, they have to go along. It’s almost karmic; to know males, since time began wanted to service women other than their mates. Didn’t they think women were going to get back one of these days? Well, it’s one of those be careful what you wish for things.

    It seems as though there were two feminist movements. I was gay; all I wanted was to make the same as the men. I started out in 1966 making $1.46 an hour. Men were making $2.00 an hour. I thought that was unfair, so I welcomed Women’s Lib and Equal Rights. But something happened on the way. The pill, I guess, and women began sleeping around the same way men did. I do not believe it’s a feminine trait to be so sexual. I do not believe it’s a feminine trait to want to abort babies either. This is pure brainwashing.

    This sex addiction is ruining people. There is no respect for men and women and no self-respect. I remember hearing one time, “Enlightenment is born at the death of desire.” I don’t think we need to kill off all desire, but self-regulation sure wouldn’t hurt.

    I see Bill isn’t aging well. 😀

  2. Paula says:

    Bernhard! Yuck!

  3. erins1911 says:

    Because I suppose every rule has its exception, these clips represent the only time I have heard Bill Maher say something that did not make me want to lose my lunch. He’s absolutely right.

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