Women and Independents Pulling Away from Obama

The Obama divide-and-conquer diversion is causing a dive in his popularity among women and independent voters.  As the graph to the left indicates, the Democrat strategy of zeroing in on social issues in a vain attempt to paint Republicans as either the cunning enemy or the callous champion of whatever victim group or evil empire du jour might be on tap for exploitation, apparently is not faring well at all.  The Women War, the Race War, the Rich People War, the Big Business War, the Gay War, the Whatever War—they’re all devised to deflect attention away from Obama’s dismal management of the American economy.

This decline is backed up by a CBS News/New York Times poll this week showing Obama’s popularity among women falling from 49% in April to 44% in May.

The Obama campaign’s cheap shots against Ann Romney for choosing children over career may help explain this. But at the end of the day, a simple dynamic is obvious in both these Obama retreats: Divisive social issues can’t make Americans forget his economic failure.  Investor’s Business Daily

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