Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage? Don’t You Believe It!

Polls, polls, polls.  It’s amazing what you can do with a poll.  And today, so many of our political pollsters find their main poll purpose in the maneuvering of the unwashed masses into the proper progressive frame of mind.  From the clever construction of the survey questions, to the not so subtle selection of just the right participants, to the thumb-on-the scale statistical weighting of responses, the modern political survey has taken its pride of place in the politician’s bulky bag of dirty tricks.

But every once in a while, such sleight-of-hand manipulation boomerangs on back, smacking the pollster hard in the face with the unsought after truth.  Case in point, the CBS News/New York Times Poll that was released on Monday.  Surprisingly, the survey results showed Mitt Romney leading Obama by 3 percentage points.  And it also showed Romney not only leading among voters in general, but that he had closed the elusive likeability gender gap—the Mitt Man is now edging out Obama by 46% to 44% with the female electorate.  All this positive Republican feedback from a survey deliberately designed to push to the Left.  So if these are the results coming out of a poll sponsored by CBS and the New York Times, a poll set up to skew very much to the liberal side of the political spectrum, then you know damn well that Romney is performing much better than even these upbeat survey results are showing.

Which brings us to the saga of gay marriage in America and all that survey hype hell-bent on portraying the acceptance of same-sex unions as a close to completely done deal.  We’ve all seen the poll-driven screamers:  Americans are evenly split on Gay MarriageMajority of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage.  But despite the hawking headlines, a strange phenomenon continues to occur.  Each and every time the gay marriage issue is placed on a state-wide ballot for the yea or nay vote of the ordinary Joe and Jane, the same-sex issue hits the skids in down and out defeat.  Even within the funky state of California, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans, Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage passed 52% to 48%.

Gee, could it be that all those gay positive polls we’ve been seeing are not really representative of the American mindset?  Well, let’s take a gander at the CBS News/New York Times poll which also pushed the gay marriage hot button.  Hoping I’m sure to show how gung-ho on gay marriage the populace had become after Obama’s flaming queen routine over the weekend, these media minions didn’t quite get the high-five sign from their liberally tilted respondents.

Here are three of the questions asked of those surveyed and the responses given.  Again, keep in mind that this poll skews Left.

1. Which response comes closest to your view on same-sex couples?

  • There should be no legal recognition for gay couples (Total: 33%)
    • Republicans (49%)
    • Independents (35%)
    • Democrats (19%)
  • Gay couples should be allowed to form civil unions (Total: 24%)
    • Republicans (37%)
    • Independents (23%)
    • Democrats (17%)
  • Gay couples should be allowed to marry (Total: 38%)
    • Republicans (9%)
    • Independents (39%)
    • Democrats (58%)

2. If you had to decide, do you think it should be legal for same-sex couples to marry? (Total: 42% Yes)

  • Yes—Republicans (13%)                      No—Republicans (81%)
  • Yes—Independents (43%)                   No—Independents (53%)
  • Yes—Democrats (63%)                        No—Democrats (25%)

3. Would you favor an amendment to the US Constitution that would allow marriage ONLY between a man and a woman?

  • Yes—Republicans (70%)                      No—Republicans (26%)
  • Yes—Independents (50%)                   No—Independents (47%)
  • Yes—Democrats (36%)                        No—Democrats (59%)

After all is said and done, this Left-wing paid for poll, only shows 42% of the respondents positively affirming gay marriage.  And they had to weight the responses heavily in favor of Democrat voters in order to get even that much of a percentage.  The majority said nay and 7% didn’t answer the question.  When push comes to shove, despite the propaganda pollsters attempt to spin, a solid majority of Americans balk at the thought of redefining marriage to include homosexual relationships.

So look for the same-sex marriage fanatics to continue to ply their agenda via state legislatures and the ever eager judiciary.  For surely, as the all-wise ministerium on the Left has just shown us, the gay marriage try ain’t gona fly by way of the American ballot box.

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1 Response to Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage? Don’t You Believe It!

  1. veryopinionated25 says:

    The gay left needs to stop pushing to marry and worry about the economy, so they can eventually marry.

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