Scott Walker Up By 9 Points in Wisconsin

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is leading his Democrat challenger, Tom Barrett, by 9 percentage points in the latest poll released by We Ask America.

Candidate Percent
Walker 52%
Barrett 43%
Undecided 5%

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee and Walker’s gubernatorial opponent back in 2010, was perceived by many as the sure-fire fix for the Democrats.  But with just weeks remaining until the June 5th recall election, Wisconsin Democrats are finding themselves out-flanked by Walker’s fierce national support.  Desperate to compete with the Governor’s campaign war chest, the Dems are seeking monetary support from the DNC which so far has not been forthcoming.

And oh gee, some more bad news for the Barrett bunch.  It seems that the state of Wisconsin will finish the 2011-2013 budget years with a surplus of revenue.

The state Department of Revenue now estimates that the state will take in about $265 million more than the bureau expected, which should translate to a $275.1 million surplus on June 30, 2012, and a $154.5 million surplus on June 30, 2013, Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch wrote in a letter to Walker.

Huebsch said revenue officials based the projections on larger-than-anticipated tax collections through April and revised federal Bureau of Economic Analysis forecasts showing better-than-expected personal income growth in 2011.  

State law requires that if revenue exceeds initial projections, half of the surplus must be deposited in the state’s rainy day fund. If Walker’s projections hold, about $45.4 million would go into that fund after June 30.

That would mark the first time in state history that state officials have added to the fund in consecutive years, DOA spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster said. The Walker administration added $14.78 million at the close of the 2011 fiscal year, she said.  LaCrosse Tribune

Good news for the Wisconsin taxpayers.  Bad news for public sector unions and their Democrat bootlickers.

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2 Responses to Scott Walker Up By 9 Points in Wisconsin

  1. Mary Posey says:

    Oh thank God! I can’t believe what a pathetic display the unions have put on in that state! I just wish that we could get a Gov. like Walker here in CA. ‘Ol’ Moonbeam is proposing major tax hikes for CA and not one concession will be coming from the unions. It just makes me sick. I was talking with my accountant and she has a “retired” judge as a client, who works part time and collects 2 pensions, plus social security and brings in a cool half million a year. Meantime, I am trying to build my little business, pay hefty taxes, plus all the licenses, inspections, and state filings and my husband and I still don’t draw a salary. This state is in serious trouble. When the time comes to expand our business, I can tell you it won;t be here, TX, NV, UT here we come 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m afraid you’re stuck with Governor Moonbeam. You do have to wonder what it will take before the majority of people in CA finally throw up there hands and cry, Enough! TX is a good state for a small business and their economy is doing well so maybe there’s a Lone Star in your future to replace that silly old moonbeam.

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