Romney’s Speech at Liberty University Commencement

Mitt Romney’s speech at the 2012 commencement ceremony at Liberty University in Virginia—a little humor, a little politics, and lots of right on target worldview observations.  All without a teleprompter, and I don’t think he even glanced at any notes.

Mr. Romney is looking and sounding real good.

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2 Responses to Romney’s Speech at Liberty University Commencement

  1. veryopinionated25 says:

    I don’t like Mitt either but he’s ganna have to do! Because i will not vote for Obama!!

    Romney/Trump ticket!

  2. erins1911 says:

    I haven’t been all that excited about Romney. I’ve been around the block enough times to understand that putting faith in a politician is a fool’s errand. But here, he comes across as Reaganesque. He may be what we need to get our heads up and looking ahead, even moving “forward” as a country. That, more than anything, is what the President’s job is – to inspire and lead, not kvetch about the past and blame.

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