Obama, The Rainbow Queen

Our Great Gay God

Hey, look what he got for his 30 pieces of silver!

Can’t wait for the Gay Pride Parades in June to see Queen Obama prancing on top of one those flouncing floats.  And maybe he’ll address the adoring queers all on tap with bated breath to hear their great Messiah definitively declare that gay marriage is a states’ rights prerogative.  Oh the fun!

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5 Responses to Obama, The Rainbow Queen

  1. Paula says:


  2. Perry Palmer says:

    And he thought he was going to be King. If you happen to Google Larry Sinclair, you’ll find that the cover of Newsweek is telling the truth. I bet Obama didn’t think things would get this far and Michelle is probably ready to kill since she found out she may be only a convenience. Oh the fun is right!!! But the jobless, homeless and poor certainly deserve better than this.

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