Rush Limbaugh Tweaks the Teat on Time Magazine

The print media continues its downward dive, losing subscribers with each passing quarter as it descends into ever more pathetic attention-grabbing bouts of desperation.  The latest lack of professional propriety has been offered up by Time Magazine.  Time’s current issue presents a sexy-looking woman on its front cover nursing her child, but the ‘baby’ attached to the exposed breast is the female’s four year-old son standing on a chair in order to reach the proffered meal.  Ostensibly used to hawk their main feature on attachment parenting entitled Are You Mom Enough?, the graphic front cover has caused a bit of a backlash buzz.

But leave it to Rush Limbaugh to tweak the teat on Time Magazine, and with one cleverly Photoshopped cover, successfully depict the Democrat’s delusional vision for America’s future.

Rush Limbaugh Show

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