An Old RINO, a Convicted Felon and Some Union Goons

Tuesday was a big night for our side.  From RINO Dick Lugar in Indiana going down hard in a humiliating defeat after sitting his butt in the Senate for 36 years to Kathleen Falk in Wisconsin, public union handmaiden, getting absolutely whomped in the Democrat primary gubernatorial recall debacle, it was a very good night to be rooting for the conservative home team.

But the strangest saga coming out of Tuesday’s primary was that Appalachian avalanche of discontent down in West Virginia: 41% of the Democrats voted for Keith Judd, Inmate #11593-051, rather than cast their ballot for Barack Obama.  No, indeed, Mr. O is not well-liked among the Democrat Bitter Clingers in the Mountain State.  Democrat voters gave Keith the Convict their eager nod simply as a way to publicly plug their utter contempt for the Hope and Change sleight-of-hand flim-flam man.  In-the-Jug Judd is now entitled to one delegate at the Democratic National Convention.  Gee, ain’t democracy wonderful?

November 2012, here we come!

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