Dennis Prager and Gay Conservatives

Some talk around town about us lesbians and gays of a conservative persuasion…

Following the resignation of Richard Grenell, a foreign policy adviser for Mitt Romney, and the kerfuffle that followed Grenell’s departure, there were little media confabs here and there about gays serving within the exalted ranks of the Republican Party.  Yesterday, Dennis Prager, syndicated conservative radio talk show host, added his interesting take to this homo-conservative debate.

…no conservative should oppose a competent gay serving in a Republican administration so long as the person shares the values of the Republican Party. Even support for same-sex marriage should not necessarily rule someone out of a leadership position in the Republican Party.

Only if a person is an outspoken advocate of same-sex marriage would he or she, whether homosexual or heterosexual, not be a good choice for a high position in a Republican administration. Just as an outspoken defender of non-medically necessary abortion would not be.

As it happens, there are far more gays who hold conservative values than many gay activists — or conservatives — realize. And we should embrace these people. Being gay does not automatically mean that one is on the Left, and conservatives should not assume that they are.

Gay men and women who believe in the American Trinity — Liberty, In God We Trust, and E Pluribus Unum — and who believe in small government, in American exceptionalism, and in the need for America to be the strongest military and economic power in the world are one of us. And should be embraced as such.  The Dennis Prager Show

And as some social conservatives rubbed their hoary little hands together in gayless glee at Grenell’s departure, claiming the man was forced out, Mitt Romney had a very different response concerning the exit of his aide.  Mitt’s remarks are reasoned and reassuring.

Thanks to Perry for bringing this article to our attention.

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