The Well-Dressed Anarchist: A Rioter’s Guide to Wall Street Wear

When out on the town for a day of violence and destruction, the aspiring young anarchist must be decked out in duds that are indicative of his or her May Day best.  For after all, couture for the counter-culture elite is an important part of the provocative image of manufactured mayhem that hopefully will elicit both fear and admiration from the gaping Goobers safely sitting on the political sidelines.

So when you’re out and about smashing store windows in the rough and tumble towns of Seattle, Oakland, and San Francisco, make sure you go for the sleekly sinister pose of totally intimidating bad-ass black.  That Ninja ensemble with the masked Balaclava will proclaim to the corporate crowd that you really mean business.  And as you bash and trash property of hard-working people, the whole world will take note of your Wall Street wail.  But of course, mugging for the cameras wearing cool-looking clothing all tagged with the taint of American big business might seem to suggest you have strayed just a bit from your self-righteously socialist message.

Oh dear, fomenting violent revolution in a Lefty locale where the people for the most part support the kiddy capers of their pampered offspring (as long as their brats conduct their shameless shenanigans elsewhere) is not exactly a strategically smart maneuver.  Raining down political fire and brimstone on the homes, shops, automobiles, and daily lives of the Democrat middle-classes is not a wise way to gain needed followers and friends.

An angry anti-corporate riot in the cultural enclave of the progressive North West—well, it would seem that majoring in Organically Green Multicultural Social Justice Climate Change Studies ain’t helping to sharpen that progressive know-nothing noggin.

‘A’ is for A-hole

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2 Responses to The Well-Dressed Anarchist: A Rioter’s Guide to Wall Street Wear

  1. coolcat says:

    You’re awesome. Glorious rant! Thank you, I needed that!

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