Elizabeth Warren Sings ‘I’m an Indian Too’—Voice Over by Ethel Merman

♬ And I’ll wear moccasins, wampum beads, feather hats, which will go to prove—I’m an Indian too!

Ethel Merman from Annie Get Your Gun belts out Lizzie Light Skin’s theme song.

I am so enjoying this senatorial farce getting played out in that Kennedy compound of politically progressive Massachusetts.  Looking so like a ludicrously lame liar, the ditzy Democrat dame with the semi-lousy law degree from Rutgers U wants America to believe she never relied on an affirmative action cheat sheet to gain her appointment at Harvard.  Well Ms. Warren, by checking the mediocre-but-a-minority box on your application, you gained a job you didn’t deserve.  You never had the academic credentials nor the Ivy League intellect to qualify and you sure as hell didn’t deserve to use that demeaning diversity dodge.

Embattled Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren graduated from the lowest ranked law school of all Harvard Law School professors–and nearly all Ivy League law professors–shedding further light on the importance her claim to be Native American was to advancing her career.

After Harvard hired the aspiring law professor, they noted that she was the first-ever minority woman due to her 1/32nd Cherokee lineage. The claim, not something she has ever touted publicly before, surfaced last week and has been dogging her campaign ever since.

That “box checking,” as critics call it, likely played a role in her Harvard hiring especially when her background is compared to those of the other near 100 Harvard Law School professors and assistant professors, according to an analysis of law schools the professors attended. Most graduated from Harvard, and all from the nation’s top 10. Warren graduated from Rutgers University in Newark, ranked 82nd by Top-Law-Schools.com.   Washington Examiner

And we can only say: Has she no shame?!  Oh, forgot—she’s a Democrat.

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4 Responses to Elizabeth Warren Sings ‘I’m an Indian Too’—Voice Over by Ethel Merman

  1. bunkerville says:

    Nice pick of music! Goes nicely with the charade.

  2. Arthur Galvin says:

    But you’re not surprised are you? I’m not. When it comes to quotas and affirmative action liberals, anythings goes. When you cannot choose on merit but must submit to government mandates that dictate that you hire regardless of qualifications, a degree, from wherever, becomes meaningless, useless, garbage. She’s a native American minority? This is classic moral relativism in action. I think I’ll be sick now.

    • It is really sickening. I saw a photo somewhere on my internet travels that had Warren’s photo next to poor George Zimmerman’s. Under Zimmerman’s photo was the caption ‘Cracker’ and under hers was ‘Minority’. That the affirmative action scam has carried on for these 40 years is just unbelievable.

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