Ptown Patriot: A Lesbian Conservatve Blog in the Heart of Gaytopia

Any gay woman leaning to the Right and living in the heart of Provincetown, Massachusetts has to certainly be made of sterner stuff.  For Ptown, the queer playground of the Eastern seaboard and the Mecca of LGBT progressive group think, is anything but hospitable to gay men and women who dare to devise political dreams not officially approved by the Democrat Party.

Meet the Ptown Patriot.  What a treat to discover yet another conservative sister.  Here’s an introduction from the Ptown Patriot’s About page:

I am an American first.  I believe in freedom and liberty and a traditional view of the Constitution. I believe in individual rights versus the collective.  I love my country and do not apologize for it, nor do I revise history to fit a global worldview. I think my country is exceptional in culture, in sports, and in our compassion for others.

I am a 9-11 first responder, but I was patriotic on 9-10. I believe that we are in a long fight against Islamic radical extremists. I believed that in 1993 during the first WTC attack.  I believe in a strong national defense and that includes legal immigration, not a welfare state which continues to open the doors for more recipients.

I believe in a small government, less taxes, capitalism and a free market economy, that is the answer to health care reform—I live under Romneycare.

I became pro-life after years of contemplation, personal reasons and a trip to the Museum of American History when I was in DC for the 9-12 march.  There I saw a life-like model of the fetus in different stages.  I felt overwhelmed with grief and knew after years of straddling the fence that I was on the side of life.

And lastly I am gay.  I am happily married to my spouse.  We have been together for 25 years.  I do not hate myself or hate the gay lifestyle which is often attributed to gays that leave the conga line.  I believe in the privatization of marriage meaning that the states should not issue “licenses” and therefore consenting adults can marry.

We have individual rights given to us by God.  Marriage is an institution.  I want to equal the benefits of Social Security so my spouse can receive “what I paid into” the system in case of my death.  And I want to stop paying taxes for her health benefits.  That’s it!   Ptown Patriot

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3 Responses to Ptown Patriot: A Lesbian Conservatve Blog in the Heart of Gaytopia

  1. Betty Butter says:

    Great to here about Ptown. When you find out the truth, it’s hard to live any other way.

  2. Ceeto says:

    Thanks for sharing this information on Ptown. I will definitely check this one out.

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