The Redneck Bashes the Bully Queen: A Jim Goad Gut Punch

Jim Goad, author of the Redneck Manifesto and Shit Magnet, has written the penultimate response to Dan Savage’s anti-Christian hate rant and to the gay grievance groupies that Savage represents.  Goad is well-known for his smack-in-the-face writing style, spitting out his hard-bitten cultural blasphemies with a deliberate disregard for the politically correct puritanism of the liberal status quo.

In Tiptoeing Through a Minefield of Pansy Asses written for Taki’s Magazine, Mr. Goad goes for the gay jugular, taking on the disreputable Dan Savage and his whole anti-bullying campaign.

Thirty years after graduating from high school, Dan Savage is STILL acting like a fag and stewing over what was apparently some tremendous emotional scarring.

Instead of “It Gets Better,” how about “Get Over It!” or even “Get Over Yourself!” or maybe “Didn’t You Graduate From High School a Long Time Ago?”

Frankly, I think you’re all acting like a bunch of fags.  And I use the word “fags” strictly to denote a weakness of character. It has nothing to do with the procreative organs our blessed Lord bestowed upon you to your apparent ingratitude.  If you prefer I use the term “pussies” or “babies” or “whiners” or “sissies,” well, I respect your preferences, but for now I’m still going to call you a bunch of fags.

Some of you appear to have an identity founded on persecution and manage to feel persecuted even if no one shows the slightest interest in persecuting you. At some point I start wondering, “Are you not being bashed enough?  Is this why you’ve resorted to getting in people’s faces and rubbing their noses in shit—on the outside chance that you’ll anger one of them enough to bash you?  Do you feel incomplete without at least one bashing a decade?”   Taki’s Magazine

Jim Goad skewers liberals and conservatives alike but I enjoy his raunchy working-class perspective and his powerful writing style.  I’ve read his Manifesto, the full title of which is The Redneck Manifesto: How Hillbillies, Hicks, and White Trash Became America’s Scapegoats.  First published in 1997, this book was ahead of its time in challenging the Left’s use of race hustling to further their political agenda.

And Taki’s Magazine provides cultural commentary from a very irreverent libertarian point of view.  You may not always agree with the opinions expressed, but I think you’ll admire their moxy.

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4 Responses to The Redneck Bashes the Bully Queen: A Jim Goad Gut Punch

  1. erins1911 says:

    Thanks for the referral to Taki’s Magazine. I look forward to wasting a whole lot of time there.

  2. Perry Palmer says:

    In this life, one thing really gets me boiling. When men want to insult other men, they use words that denote females. pu**y, wuss (same as the p-word), sissy, “little girl”, douche bag and the list goes on. No wonder boys grow up with no respect for females when they hear this from the time they are born. I remember in the 90s when the Colorado Rockies played a bad ball game and Larry Walker spouted off saying, “We played like a bunch of girls today”. Well, I thought they played like a bunch of boys. Far be it for Larry to hurt boys’ feelings when everyone knows that girls are so weak and sniveling (sarcasm), and anytime there is a weak man he must be part woman. Grrrr!

    Men are men; they all do it, even the queens. Now I did it. 😀

    • And interestingly, it’s still very effective as a put-down. Even today, in this cultural push for wimpy manhood, insinuating that a male is possessed of female sexual accoutrements is all it takes to escalate any argument.

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