Britain: Worst Social Mobility in Western World

Can anyone be surprised at the latest study showing that the nanny nation known as the United Kingdom has the worst upward mobility prospects for its citizens than any other Western country?  And of course, the obvious solution to this cultural conundrum from a socialist progressive mindset must be more more more governmental intervention into the dead-end lives of the British working classes.

As the matronly ministers of this sceptered isle of done-and-gone glories of a pissed on past get set to somehow salvage the lumpenproletariat of their failed socialist state, one hard-working British Betty over at the Daily Mail points out the obvious bump in England’s road to prosperity.  Actually, the commenter’s name is Linda.

I’m 50 and the youngest in a working class family of 4 and we are from a former mining area.  I think the difference when we were young was we had parents who, despite not being financially well off, wanted us to better ourselves by whatever means we could. They had witnessed the poverty of the 20s and 30s, were young adults serving during the war and were then grateful for the NHS and the welfare state as a safety net for difficult times – NOT as a lifestyle option.  I’d say we’ve all done reasonably well through our efforts and hard work.  I put myself through night school in my late 20s to get a business qualification, then I took a full-time degree, graduating when I was 35.  At 45 I started a business which is now doing well and giving me a tidy living.  Unfortunately, all I see in my area are too many people who can’t be bothered to get up in the mornings to do a days work and who have no sense of purpose to pass on to their kids.  This is the problem.   Daily Mail

The welfare state as a lifestyle option.  Well, there’s an old but wise axiom of a bygone era that many folks were wont to quote: You get what you pay for.  Cultivate dependent drones, you get dependent drones.  So why would anyone be shocked at a very predictable outcome?

Cut off the welfare checks and see just how fast these little buggers get big time motivated.  Perhaps then the UK wouldn’t have to import workers by the droves from Eastern Europe to fill all those vacant retail, hospitality, restaurant, and catering jobs.  How head-shakingly hilarious that the taxes paid by these imported foreign workers help support the homegrown lazy losers on the dole.  Cut off the checks—that’s the kind of boot up the backside desperately needed for the British working classes.

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2 Responses to Britain: Worst Social Mobility in Western World

  1. Arthur Galvin says:

    And we should do the same here. A few summers ago I went on a vacation to Montauk, Long Island. A popular summer vacation area on the easternmost tip of Long Island, New York. The place was swarming with Irish people who had come over from Ireland expressly to work for all the resorts and small businesses in the area for the summer season. I asked a very lively and friendly Irish lass about it and she told me that the only reason they were able to come over at all was because there were no native Americans available to work for the wages offered. I was aghast!

    • Sad, isn’t it? Young Irish folks willing to cross the ocean for a job and yet so many of our own ‘unemployed’ Americans won’t even get out of bed for one.

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