Janine Turner to Conservative Women: Speak Up, Girlfriends

For way too long, conservative women have been giving their liberal counterparts the silent treatment.  How often have we kept our mouths tightly shut in social settings when a political topic is raised for discussion?  How often have we allowed the Lefty viewpoints of our self-righteous liberal friends and associates to go unchallenged?  Too damn often.

Well, Janine Turner, aka Maggie O’Connell of Northern Exposure fame, who will now be providing regular conservative commentary over at PJ Media, has developed the GIRLFRIENDS acronym to help our more timid Republican sisters speak up during those liberal-dominated conversations.

As the Democrat women ramble on about the inequality and wickedness of America — taking no heed that anyone else at the table could possibly disagree with them — the conservative women remain silent. They do not enter the fray because they know the risks. They know that the Democrats, not able to defend their wiles with wisdom, will attack the Republican women’s character. They know that Democrats cannot have a reasonable conversation.

It is now crucial for conservatives to roll up their sleeves and to join the debate. Isolating into the haven of friends who are of the same mind at home, in church, and even on talk radio is no longer an option. Preaching to the choir will not win our country back in 2012.   PJ Media

It’s all about visibility, ladies.  Whether straight or gay, it’s time for all good conservative women to come to the aid of our country.  It’s time to belt up and dig deep and find the personal courage to open our mouths and speak truth to the contemptible diarrhetic cliches pouring forth from the posteriors of liberal apologists.

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2 Responses to Janine Turner to Conservative Women: Speak Up, Girlfriends

  1. erins1911 says:

    Amen sister; doing my part every day 🙂

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