Mia Love Wins Utah Primary

Conservative Republican Mia Love walked away with the primary win in Utah’s 4th District.  She will now face Democrat Jim Matheson in the Fall.  If Love wins in November, she will become the first Black member of Congress from Utah and the first Black Female Republican to take a seat in Congress.  Go, Mia!

The big headline from this weekend’s Utah Republican convention may have been that Senator Orrin Hatch was forced into a GOP primary against challenger Dan Liljenquist. But perhaps the more surprising development was little known Saratoga Springs mayor Mia Love’s overwhelming victory at the convention in her bid to defeat Utah’s only Democratic member of Congress, Jim Matheson.

Love’s parents immigrated from Haiti to New York City, where she was born. Love eventually moved to Utah, where she is married and has three children. Love was elected mayor of Saratoga Springs in 2010.   Weekly Standard

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5 Responses to Mia Love Wins Utah Primary

  1. Mary Posey says:

    YAY! Go Mia.

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  3. Paula says:

    What’s there not to love about Mia? BHO will welcome her with open arms if she gets in, correct? 🙂

    • If she wins in November, the Left will have a field day with her. They have to try to politically eradicate any member of a special victim group who dares to step out of line with a contrary worldview. But the old attack and destroy strategy doesn’t work like it used to—there are more and more cracks in that Democrat dyke. Now, did I really say that?!

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