New York Times Faces the Occupy Mentality

Get ready to wet your pants from peals of well-earned laughter.  For over at the New York Times, the progressive bubble of self-importance and pompous entitlement is just about to burst.  The Newspaper Guild, the union representing all those fine upstanding men and women who write and edit the pile of propaganda poop served up each day for the Democrat elite, is in a long drawn out battle with the owners of the Old Lefty Lady over its cushy and unsustainable pension plan.  These people are totally out to lunch (on someone else’s dime, of course).

Occupy the New York Times!

Nobody in the video talks about the changes in the news business that threatens to drive the Times into a deep dive. Nobody talks about the prospect of future significant staff cuts if costs can’t be contained. None of them discuss the incongruity between their own naive sense of entitlement and what is going on in the cities, companies and countries they cover.

They just want the money.   American Interest

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