Chug-a-Lugging Coca-Cola Kills Woman

A 30-year old woman in New Zealand died of a heart attack brought on by her incessant craving for Coke.  It seems that Natasha Harris drank two quarts of Coca-Cola daily, and that, along with her smoking habit and minimalist diet, did her in.  At the inquest investigating this bizarre death, the coroner had this to say:

Dr Dan Mornin testified at an inquest on Thursday that Harris probably suffered from hypokalemia, or low potassium, which he thinks was caused by her excessive consumption of Coke and overall poor nutrition.  Symptoms of hypokalemia can include abnormal heart rhythms.  Mornin said toxic levels of caffeine, a stimulant found in cola, also may have contributed to her death.  Guardian

How sad that many of us in this modern age of pointless stimulation find ourselves addicted to substances and behaviors that can take such a damaging toll on our physical health and psychic well-being.  And caffeine is such an insidious seducer.  I’ve generally kicked that bad old coffee habit but it took several rounds of crippling withdrawal migraines before I saw the light and slowly weened myself away from that tantalizing temptress.  But there are times, yes oh yes, there are times, when I positively yearn for a steaming cup of full-bodied java from WaWa.  WaWa is a convenience store chain in our area and darned if they don’t brew the absolute best cup of down-home diner coffee you’ll ever drink.  Forget all those sissy and overpriced Starbuck’s concoctions.  WaWa is the real thing.  Gee, I’m starting to sound like a Coke commercial.

Oh well, let me drag myself into the kitchen and boil up some water and pour out a mug of good-for-me green tea.  Yeah, that will certainly hit the spot.  Oh, WaWa, I do miss you.  Heck, there’s one only a short drive away….it would only be just one cup of coffee….surely I can weather the downside effects of just one cup….just one cup….

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5 Responses to Chug-a-Lugging Coca-Cola Kills Woman

  1. Artie Galvin says:

    Gave up smoking 14 yrs. ago.

  2. Artie Galvin says:

    1 cup of coffee a day. Tea is my cup of choice. Use cola only as a cocktail mixer. 2 cocktail a day before dinner. Gave up smoking and 3 yrs. later had a heart attack. Such is life.

  3. Perry Palmer says:

    Alcohol, cigarettes and chewing gum are in my past. But coffee and chocolate are still in my life. In moderation, please. Alcohol made me crazy. Cigarettes made me stink and feel rotten. One soda every other month is my limit and NOT with aspartame. That stuff will kill you. At least we know what sugar does. I weigh 100 pounds and run every day. I’d like to try a little of that WaWa.

    • Ah, chocolate. That’s still a favorite of mine, especially dark chocolate. I’ve given up most of the junk food, no longer drink soda, but will never turn my back on chocolate.

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