Teacher Mad She Can’t Retire at 47

The Michigan Education Associate (MEA) is fighting a new state senate bill that would require public employees to pay at least 5% of their compensation to their retirement fund.  And of course that looming mandate has the public school teachers in the state of Michigan angrily up in arms.

The MEA and its members are so embedded in their entitlement bubble that it hasn’t dawned on these public school bloodsuckers that placing the sorry saga of teacher Terri List on their website decrying the fact that now she won’t be able to retire at the age of 47 just might be pathetically bad PR for their profession.  You see, under the new Michigan state senate bill, healthcare benefits won’t be made available to state retirees until the age of 60.  So the dilettante day dreams of poor deprived Terry List, who thought she would be laying on a beach somewhere with a comfortable taxpayer-provided pension and fully paid healthcare coverage whiling away her pre-menopausal middle age, have all gone up in smoke.  Oh, the injustice of it all!

Here’s a great response to this unbelievably arrogant mindset of the public employee parasite provided by Tim Bos over at Michigan Capitol Confidential:

Public education in America has been a closed and rigged system for decades, and we’re witnessing the resulting cries of victimhood and claims of attacks targeted solely on teachers.

Tenure? Where else is that used as an effective labor relations concept? Guaranteed retirement income for life without contributing a penny towards it? Step-pay increases because you continue going to school?  Annual salaries for working 9 months a year while getting the best 3 months of the year off? Totally free health insurance with benefits that are head and shoulders above anything else available in the state, which BTW, was provided by a company owned by the MEA and almost always prevented sharing of claims history to enable a competitive quote from other carriers.  That’s fair?

And in exchange for that, we received a terribly inadequate education for our children that was heavily laced with socialist indoctrination and inept educators at arbitrarily inflated costs. Get that woman away from our kids.  She’s a menace.

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4 Responses to Teacher Mad She Can’t Retire at 47

  1. I’m in agreement. Maybe its a 59 year old thing:) Its like watching a train wreck over and over. And we know how that ends.

  2. Artie Galvin says:

    As disgusting as this is, I’m not at all surprised. And I’m sure that you’re not either.Just another example of super left liberalism rearing it’s extremely ugly head. My God, who retires at 47 and on the public dole no less. The plight of teacher at school is all too well know. The lack of discipline the threat of physical harm. And who is to blame? Why LIBERALISM of course.This type of mind set is responsible for the the state of ALL of education today. A college degree is absolutely worthless. I went to college to major in music. In my freshman year I was asked by one of my professors if I would be available to tutor and fellow student in basic music theory. For pay! Well of course I agreed. Much to my dismay I was tutoring a graduated student in music. I was a freshman tutoring a graduate student. Even then I thought it was ridiculous. Lowering the standards for entry into higher education lowered the value of a degree for everyone forever. What a waste. Anyway…I am 59 and hope to continue working until I am at least 70. Sorry for the rant. I probably should have gone to the public forum page but I was here already. What is you name, by the way. I would like to call you something. Even a pseudonym would be ok. I can’t just say “Hey, Lesbianoutsider, did you hear….”

    • Couldn’t agree more, Artie. The public education system, certainly in the major metro areas, is a shambles. Anymore, it seems to exist only to feed the union blood suckers.

      And feel free to rant anywhere on the site.


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