Howard Stern Loses Lawsuit: Judge Didn’t Take It Sirius

Poor pitiful Howard Stern.  What’s a multimillionaire shock jock to do when his grab for more financial goodies goes awry?  The other day, Stern’s lawsuit against Sirius/XM was summarily thrown out of court by a New York State Supreme Court judge.

In a stinging legal rebuke, a New York judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Howard Stern against SiriusXM and, in the process, revealed that the radio host had been seeking a whopping $300 million in stock awards he claimed were owed as part of his employment contract with the satellite radio firm.

In an order filed yesterday in New York State Supreme Court, Judge Barbara Kapnick granted a SiriusXM motion for summary judgment, dismissing the lawsuit filed last March by Stern’s One Twelve, Inc. and Don Buchwald, the shock jock’s manager.  

Kapnick bounced the Stern/Buchwald complaint “with prejudice,” meaning that the duo is barred from refilling a lawsuit with similar claims.   Smoking Gun

Stern was expected to raise ratings and bring more listeners into the Sirius satellite radio fold and was promised the stock options if specific metrics were met.  Those metrics were not met.  Stern, however, tried to claim that because the merger between Sirius and XM brought additional listeners to his show that he was therefore entitled to the $300 million in stock.  But Her Honor, in granting summary judgement with prejudice, certainly wasn’t hoodwinked by Howie’s chutzpah in bringing such a highway robbery hoax into her courtroom.

And now, the very rich man with the very puny pecker will just have to manage on $75 million a year.  Where is the justice for the Left-wing One Percent!?

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2 Responses to Howard Stern Loses Lawsuit: Judge Didn’t Take It Sirius

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    Oh, dear! Another Liberal one-percenter just struggling along. He should try $800 a month pension and a dab of Social Security, which, by the way, I paid into for nearly 40 years. Maybe his filthy mouth will be off the air forever; one can only hope.

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