The REAL War on Women

150 school girls and their teachers in the town of Kunduz in Afghanistan were poisoned today by drinking water that had been deliberately contaminated.  As we all know, girls seeking an education and the teachers who dare to mentor them in this cultural wasteland of genuine gender oppression are frequent targets for beatings, acid attacks, and murder.

But relax Western world.  Pay no attention to such acts of anti-female aggression, for these heinous horrors don’t really matter in the larger multicultural scheme of things.  You see, Muslim men are victims too.  They are the sorry underdogs of colonial oppression and any and every failing (if we can be so bold to even voice such a heresy) is the total fault of the imperialist pigs of European descent.  In other words, according to progressive propaganda, ‘Oppressed’ men everywhere get to drop-kick beatch ass with utter impunity.  Yes, the blessings of victim-hood status for the Third World male are many and numerous indeed.

Now, let’s get back to the REAL war on women and the more important gender horrors facing our white middle-class American sisters today:  Where the fuck is our government-funded birth control, you male chauvinist Republican bastards?!

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2 Responses to The REAL War on Women

  1. gutsy9 says:

    I’m so tired hearing the wonders of the “tolerant, enlightened” societies of 8th century Palestine or the later Ottoman Empire. Yes, I know about algebra, the zero, Avicenna, blah blah. But Islam has been been “tolerant” only where it is either weak or decadent. The founder of modern Turkey, Ataturk, banned the veil, the burqa, and forced men to wear western dress. Same in Pahlavi Iran. Now either gone or in danger. The worst features of the crazed destructive unproductive hateful elements of this “religion” are once again on the march.

    • White liberals just love soft-pedaling the harsh realities of Muslim cultures. If you believed everything PBS tells its viewers, you would think the Ottoman Empire and the Moorish invasion of Spain was the best thing that ever happened to human civilization. Utter bull, of course. Liberalism is political schizophrenia.

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