Federal Workers Owe $1 Billion in Back Taxes

As the 2011 tax season draws to a close today, it has come to the attention of Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts that some of America’s citizenry aren’t as compliant with our country’s tax laws as the rest of us over-burdened taxed-to-death suckers.  And surprise, surprise, over 98,000 of these tardy tax dodgers turn out to be federal employees.

To remedy this flagrant governmental malfeasance, Senator Brown has introduced a bill that would make it easier for the IRS to collect back taxes from these federal freeloaders.

The bill would require members and employees of Congress and federal employees who file financial disclosures forms to report any delinquent tax liability to the appropriate ethics office and come up with a plan to pay off the taxes.

Those who fail to arrange a payment plan with the IRS within a year could have those back taxes taken directly out of their wages.  My Fox Boston

Even the lowlier members of the governmental elite get to play by a very different set of rules than us ordinary schmoes out here in the real world footing the bill for these political parasites.  For some odd reason though, the Occupy punks don’t seem to care about this kind of communal corporate greed.

And I wonder if Al Sharpton will ever cough up his fair share?  I’m just amazed that his pay check at MSNBC hasn’t been garnished or that his various real estate holdings haven’t been liened on.  But silly me, I should know that such aggressive tax collecting tactics are only used on us proletarian nobodies living our lives out here in the hinterland far from all the hustling hipsters.

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2 Responses to Federal Workers Owe $1 Billion in Back Taxes

  1. Artie Galvin says:

    It really is disgusting and frustrating. I pay my taxes and then I have to hear how uninformed, un -compassionate, and hard hearted I am when I complain that my hard earned taxes go to people who don’t work and just sit around complaining about how the “rich” don’t give more money to THEM. And how the rich haven’t presented them with top drawer, executive jobs. I am referring to the “occupy” people. Million of dollars were spends here in NYC to police, feed and clean up after these losers. Thanks God the media doesn’t even bother to report on their actions anymore. I cringed every time I saw a story about them on tv. I’m not at all surprised about federal workers not paying their fair share. I don’t mind paying my taxes. It is a privilege and an honor to live in the USA. I love my country. Unfortunately, I don’t love a lot of my country men who sit on their arses and expect me to support them. And the liberals think that I should be happy to support them and that I should be thankful that I still have a job and have the privilege of supporting them. If Ovomit is elected again I don’t know what I’ll do.

    • Ovomit. I like that, Artie. And yes, we’re up against a ‘give me a check’ constituency. The Occupy mentality is what we need to defeat if we are ever going to take back the American promise land.

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