Jew-Hating: A Liberal Multicultural Thing

Anti-Semitism is making a great big comeback in Western Europe and it’s starting to show signs of renewed life here in the US.  Like an infected boil on a sore backside, Jew-hating has erupted once again on the battered body politic of Western civilization.

And serving as the latest front for this anti-Semitic hate haven is a smug condescending sympathy for a people far far away.  Yes, the Palestinian problem has presented a nice either/or, good versus evil social scenario.  Or to put it in its proper Marxist parlance, the dysfunctional, self-destructive culture of the misfits of the Middle East has given the anti-West Left yet another political ploy to plot.  And once again their fully staged melodrama features those long-in-the-tooth, world-weary fakirs known as Oppressor and Oppressed.

Hate crimes against Jews are clearly on the rise in Europe.  And a good example of the liberal mindset that either condones or turns a blind eye to these criminal episodes was presented by the Mayor of the city of Malmo in Sweden where Muslim immigrants have been consistently harassing Jewish citizens.  Mayor Ilmar Reepalu arrogantly dismissed the anti-Semitic attacks, stating: We tolerate neither anti-Semitism nor Zionism.

Nor Zionism.  Did you catch that?  What, pray tell, does Zionism have to do with some of Malmo’s citizens getting attacked in their homes and shops because they are Jews?  Are Zionists running amok in Malmo attacking Muslims?  Hardly.  But Jews (Oppressors) who just might support the right of a Jewish state in the Middle East and are therefore conveniently classified by the Multiculturalists as Zionist boogeymen are now officially okay targets for Muslim (Oppressed) violence.

Walter Russell Mead offered up the obvious refutation of such an asinine and hateful attitude toward Jewish people:

If a gang of white American thugs attacked African-Americans, and defended their action on the ground that they were protesting Robert Mugabe’s seizure of white-owned farms in Zimbabwe, the world would laugh at their foolishness even as it condemned their bigotry.

This isn’t quite how it works when goons around the world attack Jews and Jewish buildings and defend themselves by saying that they are angered by things the Israeli government has done. Efforts are made to ‘understand’ the perpetrators even as their actions are condemned. Somehow these events are seen as justifying, even requiring tough diplomatic measures against Israel — rather than demanding aggressive programs of civic education aimed at confronting the psychology of hate.   American Interest

But of course, for the Left, it’s never about individual people.  It’s never about a person getting hurt, bullied, or killed.  It’s about group identity politics.  Liberals shed their tears very selectively and always with an eye for garnering some type of gain from the cherry-picked pain.

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2 Responses to Jew-Hating: A Liberal Multicultural Thing

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    This is why I always put in parentheses the words “a misnomer” after I type Liberal, because Liberals aren’t really liberal. They are bigots.

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