Have Your Say: A Public Forum at TLC

Got something you’d like to say?  Need to rant and rave to get through your day?  Have some information you’d like to share?  Or just want to talk about a topic not on the TLC homepage?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the new TLC Public Forum.  This is a special outlet for TLC commenters to use as their personal soapbox, message board, and general public platform for opinions, concerns, and information sharing on any topic under the societal sun.  Just click on the Public Forum tab on the Home Page and let er rip.

Since WordPress doesn’t allow its bloggers to insert a forum setup into their sites, we’ll use the simple reply mechanism to provide a podium for the thoughts and feelings of all the folks out there who tend to get shut out of the political and social conversations that are changing our world today.

Remember, you too can push back on progressivism.

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