The Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza is Here!

Jump for joy and shout down the rafters for the 14-foot Hot Dog stuffed pizza crust is here!  Well, actually it’s over there in the UK, but Pizza Hut’s spectacular bit of fast food fun is soon to arrive state-side.

As a connoisseur of conservative tastes, I prefer my three slices served the more traditional way.  After all, why mess with the perfect union of gluten and dairy?  But I guess it takes all kinds of tastes to keep the pizza pie business thriving.  So hot dogs and pizza it is.  Yuck.

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2 Responses to The Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza is Here!

  1. Paula says:

    Thankful for the “free” mustard drizzle. And yuck is right — nothing good will come from eating this.

  2. Ceeto says:

    How confusing for the pizza and how humiliating for the HOT DOG!!

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