Understanding Obama: Now a Credit Course at Harvard

Ah, the academic dumb-down courses these institutions of ‘higher’ learning attempt to foist on their student body these days.  An Ivy League education in the 21st century seems nothing more than a total immersion in Marxist mumbo-jumbo rather than a true exploratory journey of the intellect.  Sort of like an ultra expensive secular bible school for the progressive true believer.  And coming up in the Spring of 2013, Harvard University is offering up a new load of Lefty dogma do-do to round out their ever-expanding core curriculum of social justice sophistry.

Understanding Obama is now a credit course offered through the University’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice and will be ‘taught’ by Charles J. Ogletree, Professor of Law and Director of the Institute.  Professor Ogletree served as Obama’s teacher and mentor once upon a time.  And yes, the Prof is black and decked out with a personal and professional history full of controversy.  Ogletree offers up the usual run down of black radical activities and associations that pass for middle-of-the-road politics in academia today where affirmative action faculty get a free pass in everything, from competitive intellectual prowess to racist rants and even to out-and-out plagiarism.  Oh boy, sign me up for this one!  Can’t wait to make out that check for $4,810 bucks!

But I would gladly pay the cash and even sit through the Ogletree treatise on progressive poop if the course would truly enlighten me on just how Mister Obama got into Harvard Law School in the first place and what exactly his grades might have been throughout his tenure there.  And gee, how did this under-achiever get to be the editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review?

Somehow though I don’t think that’s the kind of understanding that will be served up for the pupils in Ogletree’s propaganda class.

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12 Responses to Understanding Obama: Now a Credit Course at Harvard

  1. Glen A. Amos says:

    While my post suggesting all Harvard and Yale graduates be prohibited from holding office was (somewhat) tongue in cheek, please consider:

    Every President after Ronald Reagan graduated from either Yale or Harvard. How has that “trend” worked out for us?

  2. Glen A. Amos says:

    If elected, Mitt Romney would be the 9th Harvard graduate to become President of the United States. Now I can cut John Adams and John Quincy Adams some slack given the lack of choices back then. I am willing to overlook Rutherford B. Hayes (most people do). Teddy Roosevelt, Glenn Beck’s opinion notwithstanding, I give “an incomplete.” However, starting with Franklin Roosevelt right through Barrack Obama, this country could have done much better.

    I do not mean by electing the individuals who ran against them. Rather, we must insist on better choices. This election cycle, the people made it clear we did not approve of what was being force fed us by the RNC elite. We did not win the war. A Harvard graduate with no real core values, other than the accumulation of personal wealth and power, will certainly be the Republican candidate. He was preordained by the Harvard/Yale cabal. By the way, George W. Bush is a graduate of both schools of higher socialist learning. Still, we bloodied their noses. We fought back and they were surprised at our lack of appreciation for their wisdom and benevolent guidance.

    Maybe someday we will put a person like Sarah Palin or Allen West in the oval office…people who are not alumni of (or welcome in) the hallowed halls of Harvard and Yale…people who put our country first and foremost.

    For now, we must defeat Obama or the greatest country in the history of the world will be transformed into a second tier nation, at best. We are only one generation away from losing the freedoms so many have bled to secure and protect. Is this the generation that chooses government welfare over individual responsibility, soft tyranny over freedom? We shall see come November 6.

    Go Crimson!

  3. Glen A. Amos says:

    I truly believe that a degree from Harvard should automatically disqualify a person from ever holding any public office.

  4. Arthur Galvin says:

    Ridiculous, ultra left wing courses like this just continue the downward spiral of our educational system. A college degree becomes more worthless every day because of dumb-down courses. What possible value could somthing like this have for any student’s future? Absolutely nothing. But as long as there are people who will pay for it, this type of junk will continue to be available. How sad for us all.

  5. Rattlesnake says:

    Are you sure you aren’t reporting this 11 days too late? I mean, this has to be the most pointless course I’ve ever heard of (and it is being taught at Harvard?).

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