Marion Barry: Dirty Asian-Owned Businesses Got to Go

Here’s the photo of yet another foul face of pathetic Black leadership.  The seedy countenance of Marion Barry, former Democrat mayor of Washington DC and now Democrat candidate for councilman.  Yes, the crack-smoking whore monger is back and this time he has a few racist things to say about Asian Americans.

“Dirty Asian-owned Businesses Ought to Go”

“We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,” Barry said in remarks that were captured by a local television station. “They ought to go … and we need African-Americans to take their place.”  Breitbart

And here is the rapier response to this Dirtbag’s racist rant and it comes from a commenter identified as CDS8745 over at Breitbart’s Big Government website.  CDS8745 succinctly sums up the obvious essence of what is so terribly wrong with inner-city Black culture.

Mr. Barry, there is nothing stopping Blacks from doing the same thing as the Asians are doing and opening their own shops.

Well, there might be a few things:

  • In the Asian community it is shameful to not work. It is a mark of disgrace to be unemployed and living off of other peoples’ money.
  • In the Asian community it is shameful to be pregnant out of wedlock.
  • In the Asian community it is considered a very bad thing to be disrespectful to one’s parents.
  • In the Asian community children are taught to work their butts off from a very early age. Doing less than their best brings shame not only on themselves but their whole family.

Shame is NOT a bad thing. When a person does things that hurt themselves and their community they SHOULD feel ashamed.  Sadly the truth of the matter is that most people in the Black community have no sense of shame what-so-ever. It seems they, just like you, have more of a sense of blame. The standard seems to be to blame everyone but themselves, who’s fault it actually is for their rotten lives.


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2 Responses to Marion Barry: Dirty Asian-Owned Businesses Got to Go

  1. Ceeto says:

    As I was reading this blog I was formulating my response…then when I read CD’s response there was nothing more to say…CD, you are so right on target. It is the environment and community family you grow in that will define your behavior.

    • You got to wonder how low they need to go before they face the facts. As new groups of immigrants make their way up the economic ladder, the majority of Blacks continue to slide down, down, down. But heck, they got that hoody thing going for them and that’ll take them real far in life.

      Yep, CD’s comment was absolutely on target and couldn’t have been stated any better.

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