Happy Easter!


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7 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. Arthur Galvin says:

    I was turned on to your website by a friend of mine. I love it. Your personal style and passion are such that I feel as if I could be reading articles written by myself.It is SO nice to meet another gay person who thinks like I do. Conservative gays are out there but few and far between, it seems.

    • Hi Arthur. Great to hear from you. And yep, we are out there and perhaps not so few as we are led to believe. Welcome.

    • Perry Palmer says:

      HooooRay, Arthur! I’m so glad there are more and more of us showing up.

      • Arthur Galvin says:

        I post articles from this site on my facebook page and they get positive responses from a lot of people. As a musician, most of my friends are misguided libs but even they have to agree with a lot of what is stated here. Very refreshing!

  2. Ceeto says:

    Lovely illustration! and a HAPPY EASTER to you!

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