Arby’s Hates Conservatives

The fast food chain, Arby’s, doing business under the slogan The Good Mood Food, has created a bit of bad temper in many of its conservative customers.  For some bizarre politically motivated reason, Arby’s went out of its way on Wednesday to make it clear to all and sundry that they would no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program.  Since most folks in the know thought that the latest Rush riot was officially over, it seemed strange to many in the media that Arby’s was making such a public decision this late in the political news cycle.  And with Limbaugh’s announcement the other day that Arby’s has never been an advertiser on his radio program in the first place, this fast food manufactured mystery has only deepened.

But the real story isn’t so much the stupid public posturing by a struggling fast food chain that has everything to lose by supporting the anti-business agenda of the Democrat party, but instead, the genuine head-scratcher here is the fact that the company foolishly banned any contrary online comments by customers upset over their decision.  As news of Arby’s anti-Limbaugh stance made the rounds of conservative media, many of the company’s customers began tweeting their disapproval of the decision at Arby’s Twitter account only to find themselves summarily blocked by the fascist overseers at this fast food factory.

What the heck could be going on?!  Well, surprise, surprise, it appears the President and CEO of the limping along Arby’s Group, is a big Democrat party donor.  Hala Moddelmog, female CEO of Arby’s, has been a busy bee for the progressive Left-wing, personally donating money to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and even John Edwards.  This lady’s resume also includes serving as the President and CEO of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, so it would appear that Ms. Moddelmog might have a few other priorities in mind other than doing right by Arby’s shareholders, employees, and customers.

Wikipedia didn’t waste any time coming right to the point and clearly solved this modern day fast food riddle:

Hala Moddelmog used her position at Arby’s to pull advertising from the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show in a political move to support President Obama and birth control funding.   Wikipedia

So the next time you take that hungry ride through the nearest Arby’s drive thru, be sure to insist on a side order of birth control to go along with that calorie-busting roast beef.  A couple of free fast food condoms will go down so well with that vanilla shake.  Hell!  Sex, food, and complimentary birth control without ever having to get out of the car!  Now that’s what I call a progressively good mood meal.

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2 Responses to Arby’s Hates Conservatives

  1. Perry Palmer says:

    As long as Obama has women believing that sex issues are more important than the economy, jobs and health, women begin to resemble grinning teenage boys rather than thoughtful, mature women.

    Arby’s…too fattening.

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