GSA Mind Reader and Motivational Moonshine

Meet Bob Garner, motivational speaker extraordinaire and a guy who prides himself on selling souped-up empowerment claptrap to glorified governmental drones at $3,200 a pop.  But Mister Bob’s particular line of self-serving baloney so readily offered up and devoured by the employees of the General Services Administration turns out to be a bit of old liberal lunch meat long past its sell by date.

Get a load of the language used here in this promotional clip highlighting many of Mister Bob’s bumptious bromides:  You are Thrivers.  You are Magnificent, Intelligent people with Skills that Others just Wish they had.  Ignite your Passion!  Recapture your Passion!  Astonish Yourself!   Egads, anyone got a barf bag?

Motivational Moonshine on the Taxpayers’ Dime

How about this for a little self-aware astonishment, Mister Bob….how about giving these bureaucratic babies a more healthy stick-to-the-ribs emotional meal?  How about something a little more meaty like—Get your lazy butts back to Washington and do the job you’re getting paid to do or you’re bloody well fired!   Now wouldn’t that be a New Age novelty.

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