The NPR Voice: Medicated Media

Anyone who has ever listened to National Public Radio can easily identify that smarmy medicated tone of pseudo erudition that the network is so well-known for.  It simply exudes an annoying air of self-confident snobbery, smugly assuming to be the all-time arbiter of the sane, the sensible, and the obviously correct.

NPR and their media Muzak became a sideline discussion over at Ann Althouse’s blog where the legal eagle held forth on why she believes that progressive media is in a full-blown panic over its loss of total message control.  Worth listening to, if you can ignore the inept interview skills of Robert Wright (Lefty ‘journalist’ and academician).

But let’s listen in now to NPR’s sister station, Irrational Public Radio, where all things considered are generally nonsensical and always liberally inane.

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4 Responses to The NPR Voice: Medicated Media

  1. Joe Smith says:

    A belated thanks for posting this. IPR is my podcast, and though I’ve been remiss on putting out new episodes, I promise to get back to it soon, as well as working on other forms for IPR to take (maybe a cartoon!). Glad to be found, dear lesbian conservatives. Perhaps you’d like this 🙂

  2. Paula says:

    Haven’t listened yet to the blog gig, but this just cracks me up! A few days ago I passed by my local public radio station and was annoyed by the monotone anti-life reporting. Last year some time, Mark Levin was getting some flack for his antics on his show. So he tried to pull off an NPR-like sleepy voice. I was doing spit takes the whole time. So funny!

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