Limbaugh on Liberalism

In describing the total shock and horror of the liberal Left at the type of constitutionally based questions being lobbed at the administration’s Solicitor General during the Obamacare hearing at the Supreme Court last week, Rush Limbaugh offered up this pithy observation of the Left’s out-of-touch intellectual sophistry in tune with the media’s Trayvon Martin meme.

“Liberalism is a gated community.  Not only is liberalism a gated community, there’s a moat before you get to the gate.

And here are a few more cunningly clever definitions of the Weltansicht that once stood for individual freedom and democratic principles but has now unfortunately morphed into a draconian Old World vampire of Marxist-style madness.

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3 Responses to Limbaugh on Liberalism

  1. veryopinionated25 says:

    Liberalism is the downfall of our country!

  2. Paula says:

    Good stuff.

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