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The Death of Right and Wrong: Tammy Bruce on Target

If you’re looking for an easy to read but solid summary of the Left’s cultural shenanigans and the devastating effects of its war on America’s psyche, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Tammy Bruce’s scathing polemic, The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on our Culture and Values. As the snotty review of her book by Publishers’ Weekly back in 2003 correctly states, Ms. Bruce rips into the progressive gurus and their phony catechism of moral chaos. Continue reading

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Vegans Inhaling Porterhouse

Nothing Beats Meat. Vegans in Denial. Continue reading

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Jokes, Insults, and No Sense of Humor—Welcome to the White House Correspondents Dinner

Jimmy Kimmel did a standup comedy schtick at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner for an exceedingly Left-leaning audience of media, Hollywood, and progressive politicians. Although there were some familiar faces on hand to represent real life as we know it, like Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, the bulk of the monied mugs paying homage to themselves were the usual supercilious suspects. Continue reading

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Gay Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses and Mocks Teenage Christians

It was supposed to be a national journalism conference for high school students from around the country but it turned out to be an anti-Christian propaganda tirade spewed forth by non other than Dan Savage, the queer anti-bullying guru who portrays himself as the savior of all those disaffected and abused gay youth out there supposedly hunkered down in America’s school systems. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: Native American?

A funny thing happened to Elizabeth Warren on the way to snagging a prestigious professorship at Harvard Law School in the mid 1990s. Magically, this white-on-white middle class lady, who is currently a Democrat candidate for Senator in the state of Massachusetts, suddenly trans-raced into a very statistically suitable Native American minority. And faster than the academic elite could say hocus-Pocahonis, Ms. Warren found herself ensconced in that coveted Ivy League crimson while Harvard fulfilled their ill-gotten quota. Continue reading

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Conservative Women: This is Our Year!

Look Out, Here We Come! Continue reading

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Conservative Sisters Take on the Liberal Ladies

Our conservative women can hold their own with those matriarchal matrons of the Left on any given day and in every possible way. And if you can name every Right-sided woman in this video, you are well down the political road to becoming a conservative sister super fan. Continue reading

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Donations Pour in for George Zimmerman’s Defense

The Hispanic man who was conveniently labeled by the Democrat media as a WHITE Hispanic, is getting some monetary support from the ordinary Joe and Jane. Over $200,000 has been donated to George Zimmerman, the man who has been charged with 2nd degree murder for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Continue reading

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Farewell Intercourse: Egyptian Men and Sex with Dead Wives

Ah yes, that liberating Non-Western wave of Middle East renewal so naively referred to as the Arab Spring is now giving birth to Islam’s quaint version of a rip-roaring sexual revolution. If a new piece of legislation introduced into the Islamic dominated Egyptian parliament gets passed, husbands living in the laughing-stock land of the Pharaohs will soon be able to have one last goodbye f**k with the corpses of their deceased wives for up to 6 hours after death. Well, what the heck. Muslim women certainly get no respect when they’re alive so why not continue to use and abuse them after they’re dead and gone? Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Victory Speech: The Gauntlet is Thrown!

Mitt is looking and sounding great. His victory speech last night in New Hampshire was a powerful preview of just how he’s going to wipe the floor with that Hope & Change flim-flam man. The Democrat media decided not to broadcast Mitt’s speech last night, but they can’t shut out the Mitt Man’s mega message indefinitely—the shift in political momentum is now almost palpable. We’re gona win this thing! Continue reading

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Janine Turner to Conservative Women: Speak Up, Girlfriends

For way too long, conservative women have been giving their liberal counterparts the silent treatment. How often have we kept our mouths tightly shut in social settings when a political topic is raised for discussion? How often have we allowed the Lefty viewpoints of our self-righteous liberal friends and associates go unchallenged? Too damn often. Continue reading

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And Romney Rolls On

A clean sweep!. Mitt Romney takes Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, and the state of New York in the Republican primaries tonight. Continue reading

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Marion Barry: Filipino Nurses Got to Go

You just can’t keep a gold ole racist Black man down, especially when he’s propped up by a condescending culture of white progressive panderers. Apparently, Mister Marion Barry of Washington DC, murder capitol of the Western world, isn’t very quick on the political uptake when it comes to learning from previous big-mouthed blunders. Or perhaps this backward bonehead just instinctively knows that in this divisive back-to-the-future Obama wasteland of ours, bigoted Black men are a important swatch of the Left-wing political patchwork. Continue reading

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Mia Love Wins Utah Primary

Conservative Republican Mia Love walked away with the primary win in Utah’s 4th District.  She will now face Democrat Jim Matheson in the Fall.  If Love wins in November, she will become the first Black member of Congress from Utah … Continue reading

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New York Times Faces the Occupy Mentality

Get ready to wet your pants from peals of well-earned laughter. For over at the New York Times, the progressive bubble of self-importance and pompous entitlement is just about to burst. The Newspaper Guild, the union representing all those fine upstanding men and women who write and edit the pile of propaganda poop served up each day for the Democrat elite, is in a long drawn out battle with the owners of the Old Lefty Lady over its cushy and unsustainable pension plan. Continue reading

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Liberal Nuns: Moving Beyond Jesus

When a major Catholic conference of American women religious features a keynote speaker who touts the marvelous mental miracle of moving beyond Jesus, wouldn’t you say it was high time for such holier-than-thou harridans to hit the road? If an American nun can no longer support the essential theological element of the spiritual faith that is supposed to sustain her, then it seems pretty darn clear to me that this twisted sister has ceased to be a true believing Christian let alone a Catholic one. Continue reading

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NOW Starts ‘Enough Rush’ Campaign

The National Organization for Womyn is desperately in need of money. Even as their membership continues to shrivel unto divisive Democrat dust, and even as their political and social influence continues to fade into that jaded sunset of a previous generation’s glory days, the NOW crowd is desperately seeking a lot of cash and credit. Yes, the gilded groupies of Bill Clinton’s Crotch Chronicles are groveling for some big time booty. Continue reading

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Earth Day: May the Farce Be With You

As the oh so holy hordes of sanctimonious save-the-planet true believers gather together to celebrate the sacramental fecundity of our blessed Gaia’s wondrous womb, let us shift our starry-eyed progressive gaze just a little to the Left of Eden where the flesh and blood daughters of Mother Earth’s labor face the forcibly aborted fruits of their maternal behavior. Continue reading

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Chug-a-Lugging Coca-Cola Kills Woman

A 30-year old woman in New Zealand died of a heart attack brought on by her incessant craving for Coke. It seems that Natasha Harris drank two quarts of Coca-Cola daily, and that, along with her smoking habit and minimalist diet, did her in. Continue reading

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Green Jobs: It’s A-Happening, Man!

Get out your resumes, boys and girls, and get ready to turn on and tune in to the psychedelic Green Jobs Fantasy Fare. It’s A-Happening, man! Unemployed? Not to worry, Green Jobs will magically modify that sinking gut, no-pay-day dilemma. Got to earn your keep but can’t stand the capitalist creeps? Well, be of good cheer, my socialist buddies, for the government Green gimmick will pay big bucks all siphoned from the toil of tax-paying foils. Continue reading

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Teacher Mad She Can’t Retire at 47

The Michigan Education Associate (MEA) is fighting a new state senate bill that would require public employees to pay at least 5% of their compensation to their retirement fund. And of course that looming mandate has the public school teachers in the state of Michigan angrily up in arms.
The MEA and it members are so embedded in their entitlement bubble that it hasn’t dawned on these public school bloodsuckers that placing the sorry saga of teacher Terri List on their website decrying the fact that now she won’t be able to retire at the age of 47 just might be pathetically bad PR for their profession. Continue reading

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Obama Isn’t Working: Latest Romney Ad

End of the line for the Hope and Change Express Continue reading

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Obama: The Presidential Puppy Gourmet

A multicultural meal for the modern man. Barack Obama says: Mmm, Mmm good! Continue reading

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Twinkies Threatened by Union Strike

With the Hostess Baking Company filing for bankruptcy back in January and with the Teamsters Union fighting every maneuver by this corporate confectionery to modify their puffed up pensions, the fate of America’s sweet tooth is hanging precariously in the balance. Twinkies and Drake’s Cakes may soon be no more. Continue reading

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Howard Stern Loses Lawsuit: Judge Didn’t Take It Sirius

Poor pitiful Howard Stern. What’s a multimillionaire shock jock to do when his grab for more financial goodies goes awry? The other day, Stern’s lawsuit against Sirius/XM was summarily thrown out of court by a New York State Supreme Court judge. Continue reading

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