Katy Perry Taking Flak Over Military Music Video

Some loons on the liberal Left are urging a boycott of Katy Perry after she released her latest music video for her new hit single, Part of Me, that offers up a very positive Marine Corps motif.  Specifically geared toward women serving in the military, Perry’s video gives a pro-Marine Oohrah! shout-out to all her female fans.  But that go-get-em grunt energy is not sitting well with a lot of those double-talking toadies on the Left.

Such a noisome nitwit as Naomi Wolf, so-called spokeswoman for the third wave of faux feminism, and of course, an Occupy Wall Street demonstrator, is condemning the video as a total piece of propaganda for the Marines….It is truly shameful….I would suggest a boycott of this singer whom I really liked – if you are as offended at this glorification of violence as I am.” 

Gee, after all that slobbering support those Lefties gave to gays in the military, after all that DADT mealy-mouthed drivel about standing shoulder to shoulder with oppressed gay servicemen and women, we are now to discover that these very same political pimps have nothing but complete and utter contempt for our American military personnel, including all those queers they supposedly cared so much about?!  How utterly shocking!

All Women are Created Equal, Then Some Become Marines
Semper Fi, Sisters!

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6 Responses to Katy Perry Taking Flak Over Military Music Video

  1. ndjmom says:

    Isn’t it a shame when those who proclaim to fight for individuality, acceptance, and freedom of speech condemn those who are individualistic. You’re right hypocrites.

    My two sons are Marines, there is mixed feelings in the Corps about the video, some love it, some criticize the inaccuracies (drill instructor not wearing proper cover -hat, wrestling under water) but it’s a powerful message of female empowerment that women can do whatever they want, go outside the norm or society and be who they want to be. That confidence, honor, commitment and pride is the “Part of Me” that can’t be taken away.

    • Yep, it is a shame–liberalism unfortunately now has nothing to do with anything remotely liberal in the classic sense. And you sum up the video so well–confidence, honor, and commitment. Honor–now there’s a word one doesn’t hear very often today.

      And wow, two sons in the Marine Corps. May I take a personal liberty here and say that you’ve raised your sons well.

      • ndjmom says:

        Honor is why they chose the Marines, they instill a great deal of honor and pride in everything they do. Whether is is in war (which is hell) or giving humanitarian aid to school children in Afghanistan.

        In Marine boot camp the boots take classes everyday, one is money management and info on their pay schedule. They are given a sheet of charities they can donate part of their wages, if they wish. I am proud to say my youngest son picked three charities to donate. Red Cross (he’s been an avid blood donor since age 16) and get this, a Save the Manatee organization, the other I forgot as my brain was still wrapped around the manatee.

        I hope I had something to do with my son’t doing the right thing, but then I would have to take responsibility when they don’t do the right thing. Can’t have it just one way. I am proud of them, and pray they continue to keep the tenants of the Marine Corps.


  2. Glen A. Amos says:

    Hmm…what have you done for my cause lately? How quickly “I kissed a girl” is forgotten.

    Thank you for this post. The light you so often shed on liberalism is profound for those willing and capable of viewing the left without prejudice.

    • They’re total hypocrits. There are now so many cracks in their once full-proof strategies and they’ve overplayed their victim cards so many times that more and more folks are just tuning them out.

  3. dingohead says:

    Ooh, I really liked that song. Good for Katy. Hopefully she won’t apologize to the freak show on the left. They are such hypocrites. Great video.

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